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8 Lovely Romantic Restaurants in Pasadena, CA

Looking for romantic restaurants in Pasadena for date night or a special occasion?

A romantic night out should be special. Whether you’re celebrating a first date, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, a birthday celebration, or simply a much-needed date night, it’s nice to make it memorable.

What makes a restaurant romantic? A candle-lit dinner? Is it an intimate setting? The lighting? A fireplace? The location? The view? The food? Or perhaps it is just the idea of having a beautiful dinner with your significant other? I guess it’s a combination of it all.

We may all have different views of what we consider romantic. Satisfy my burger cravings or bring home some cupcakes from my favorite cafe… romantic. Serve us an incredible menu that includes dessert, in a quiet spot of a restaurant, and that to me is romantic.

What do you look for in a romantic restaurant?

I have close friends that had their first date on Valentine’s Day at Boiling Crab. Have you ever been? It’s delicious but a garlicky mess. You wear a bib and you eat with your hands. You’ll guarantee to smell like their whole shebang sauce for days.

But that didn’t stop them from having a wonderful date night that they humorously describe to this day as romantic. They are married now with two kids.

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The dictionary defines romantic as “conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.”

Below is a list of romantic restaurants in Pasadena that when you enter their restaurant you know that everything they do is expressed with love. From the beautiful setting, ambiance to the delicious food, they’ll cater to your special night.

For all of these restaurants, book reservations in advance. Sometimes you may have to request special seating. Note, the restaurant is not obligated to fulfill those requests.

Romantic Restaurants in Pasadena

1. Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery

corner patio table with lit lanterns

Agnes Restaurant was recently added to the MICHELIN guide for its fabulous menu. They also have a lovely back patio that is perfect for a date night. Combining these two important things makes Agnes one of the most romantic restaurants in Pasadena.

Once the sun has set, the light is no longer blanketing the patio, it makes for a more private setting with some string lights hanging from above. If you can snag a cozy corner that’s a plus.

The restaurant itself is beautiful with its open kitchen. I love that they serve their food on vintage plates. Between the amazing food and the details found throughout Agnes, you can see the love and heart the owners -a couple- put into it.

charcuterie board

The food is here is incredible. You’ll hang on to every bite. Don’t miss sharing a 1/2 & 1/2 board, their handmade pasta, and the tres leche corn pudding.

Agnes Restaurant | 40 W Green St, Pasadena, CA 91105 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

2. Entre Nous

If it’s French, it’s romantic, right?

Entre Nous is a quaint French bistro on Green Street. Serving well-known French dishes and vibes that transport you to France. It’s absolutely wonderful restaurant to celebrate an anniversary or any occasion that requires a romantic setting, delectable menu, and lovely French wine list.

pastry puffs with ice cream and chocolate

You’ll want to try everything on the menu as you will love everything from start to finish. I suggest sharing a few favorites like the escargot, the mussels in white wine, and the rack of lamb. The pomme frites here are special. And, no matter what, don’t forget the dessert. You’ll be walking out of there high from the exquisite flavors of your dinner.

inside entre nous restaurant

The French movie posters on the wall are charming. They do have a small back patio that is a tad more intimate if you choose to sit there.

Entre Nous | 119 W Green St, Pasadena, CA 91105 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

3. Cafe Santorini

string lights at night

Cafe Santorini is one of the best date night restaurants in Pasadena with a view. This restaurant resides in the heart of Old Pasadena and is on the 2nd floor. Whether you choose to sit inside or outside, either has a lovely ambiance for a romantic dinner. My favorite is the shaded outdoor terrace, stringed with lights with a view of One Colorado.

The Mediterranean cuisine served is very good and some of the dishes remind us of our time spent in Greece and Italy. We always like to start with the Santorini Mezze Tasting.

Note: This restaurant is not ideal for anyone with limited mobility. There is a narrow set of stairs to get up to this restaurant.

Cafe Santorini | 64 W Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

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One of the best parts of Pasadena is all the delicious spots to eat. From restaurants to take-out, check out some of our favorite places to eat.

4. Arroyo Chophouse

arroyo chophouse sign and outdoor tent
arroyo chop house romantic outdoor seating

One of the best steakhouses in Pasadena, Arroyo Chophouse, also caters to the details. We celebrated our 19th anniversary here and while we had a fantastic porterhouse dinner, I was most impressed by the note left on our table.

Looking for a romantic cozy outdoor setting? Arroyo Chophouse has an outdoor area that is beautifully set up with fairy lights, lanterns, and greenery. No worries, they do have heaters for the colder time of year.

Inside is a nice atmosphere, dimly lit and even more romantic when they have a pianist playing in the background. I just suggest not sitting near the bar.

Tip: Get the souffle for dessert.

Celebrating a special occasion? Make sure to let them know when you make the reservation.

Arroyo Chophouse | 536 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

5. The Raymond 1886

The Raymond 1886 restaurant is an old craftsman-style cottage that is part of Pasadena’s history. The caretaker’s cottage was once part of a 300 room hotel that no longer exists.

Known for its excellent crafted cocktails and delicious menu, The Raymond, by locals is considered one of the romantic restaurants in Pasadena. It is also another one of our MICHELIN guide restaurants that we are proud of.

It has 3 sweet and quaint outdoor areas that are surrounded by lush greens, covered in wisteria, and antique chandeliers that hang above the tables. The stone outdoor fireplace ties it all together for a romantic date out.

You can plan a romantic brunch or dinner here for your special occasion.

The Raymond | 536 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

6. Celestino Ristorante

Celestino’s serves traditional Italian dishes in an intimate setting. This is a lovely restaurant with European-style vibes that definitely won us over when we dined here recently. Definitely, a restaurant that is worthy to be part of a romantic night out.

Whether inside or outside in one of their patios, you’ll enjoy a great meal and service. Their outdoor patio in the back is quaint and charming, ideal if you’d like to get away from some of the “bustle” of the main restaurant.

gnocchi in a cream sauce with shaved black truffles
Gnocchi in a cream sauce with shaved black truffles

Their extensive menu is filled with delicious handmade pasta and other specialty dishes. We thoroughly enjoyed their truffle gnocchi and tiramisu when we were there.

Celestino | 141 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

7. The Arbour

The Arbour is a farm-to-table restaurant on S. Lake Ave in Pasadena. It has a chic, upscale feel but still relaxing ambiance that allows you to sit back and enjoy your time with your significant other. The wood accents throughout had my heart and adds coziness to the restaurant.

This is one of those hidden restaurants in Pasadena that you don’t know us there until you see people walking happily out of it. That’s how we discovered it.

Their menu while not large makes it easier to select from. I always say, the smaller the menu, the better the quality of the food (for the most part). This is Ingredients at the Arbour is locally sourced and organic.

The Arbour | 527 S Lake Ave #120, Pasadena, CA 91101 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

8. Sushi Roku

Sushi Roku in Old Pasadena is one of the most popular sushi places in Pasadena. While personally, I only eat sushi sparingly, the beauty of this restaurant has not been forgotten. Ideal to be part of these romantic restaurants in Pasadena, especially for couples that love sushi.

Not only is the sushi that’s served beautifully presented, but the restaurant inside is idyllic and pleasing to look at. From the outside of the restaurant, it could be deceiving. The lanterns, bamboo plants, stone walls, and decor make it feel like you’re dining outside a modern patio, however, you’re inside.

This is one of those restaurants that should be on everyone’s list for a special night out.

Sushi Roku | 33 Miller Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103 (Google Map It) | Menu | Reservations

Hope this list of romantic restaurants in Pasadena inspires your next beautiful night out with your partner.

If you’re looking to end the night with a stayover, I suggest going out all out and booking a room at The Langham Hotel. Wake up the next morning with room service for breakfast. Then enjoy a picturesque stroll through their gardens and grounds before checking out.

What is your favorite romantic restaurant in Pasadena?

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