Los Angeles Fall Activities: Fun Things to do in the Fall Season


While the Fall season in Los Angeles isn’t as prominent as in other parts of the country, we Angelino’s do find ways to celebrate with these Los Angeles fall activities.

Fall in Los Angeles

What is Los Angeles like in the fall? Subtle. Sometimes you don’t realize it’s fall until you see people wearing sweaters and boots on a 70-degree day, holding an iced pumpkin spiced latte. It does get cooler, mostly morning and night.

Full disclosure, I’m a Spring and Summer kinda girl, but I do appreciate certain things about the Fall season. Like, Thanksgiving dinner, apple pie, and hot chocolate. Also, Halloween in Los Angeles is pretty fun.

In my years living here, I never thought much about fall in Los Angeles until my sister-in-law moved here. As an east coaster that loves the fall season, she sought out all the fall activities Los Angeles has to offer. I had no idea we could go apple picking in Los Angeles… I mean, apple picking a short drive away from Los Angeles. 

This list is inspired by her love for fall and everyone that seeks things to do in the fall in Los Angeles.

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Fall Things to do in Los Angeles

Take a Day Trip or Weekend Trip to Experience Autumn

If you live in Los Angeles or know someone that does, you have probably heard, “let’s drive to the snow.” That’s what we do here in the winter when we feel like seeing the snow. We visit it. It’s basically the same during autumn.

To get the full effect of fall, you may want to leave the city and experience autumn. I’m referring to fall foliage, the crisp cool air, the crunching of leaves under your feet, and the real need for a scarf.

A trip an hour or two outside the city, you will find places that scream fall and satisfy your love for fall.

Here are a few favorite fall day trips from Los Angeles:


The cute town of Oak Glen turns into the epitome of fall. You will find the beautiful colors of the changing season, apple picking, fall festivals, homemade pies, jams, and more.

  • Go Apple Picking at Los Rios Rancho.
  • Visit and purchase some of Mom’s Country Orchards jams, apples, homemade pies, apples, and other goodies. I LOVE their pumpkin pie butter. Spread some on a graham cracker with whip cream and you have an instant pumpkin pie craving fix from your fridge.
  • Stop by Apple Annie’s and take home one of their famous 5-lb high mile apple pie
  • Don’t miss The Village of Oak Glen, now known as Oak Mountain! Fourteen acres of family fun. You’ll find quaint shops, a petting zoo, pony rides, bakeries, and more.

You can read more about the things to do in Oak Glen, California here.


Before everything is covered with snow in Big Bear, the two-hour drive from Los Angeles is worth seeing all the colors of fall. The fall peak is in the month of October.

There are a number of activities that take place here and you will want to plan in advance.

  • Big Bear Lake celebrates fall with Oktober Fest starting Sept 12th to Nov 7th.
  • The Village of Big Bear Lake, CA.
  • Hike a trail. Start with the Town Trail.
  • Book a cabin or a vacation rental via Airbnb where you can snuggle up with your loved one in front of a fireplace.
Fall things to do in Los Angeles


About an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, you will find every orange color of autumn on display. It’s a beautiful scenic destination.

  • Take a boat tour of Lake Arrowhead and enjoy the view of fall foliage surrounding the lake.
  • Hike a trail. Perhaps the Will Abell Memorial Trail in the San Bernardino National Forest.
  • Visit Lake Arrowhead Village. Its European-style architecture will make you feel like you’re in the Swiss Alps.
  • Book a cabin or a vacation rental via Airbnb. This would be a great weekend getaway.
  • Normally Lake Arrowhead has an Oktober Fest, but it has been canceled this year due to COVID. Start planning for 2021.

Please note: The lake is private property.

Day Trips from Los Angeles

Looking for the best day trips from Los Angeles for you and here. Here are some of the best spots to visit outside of Los Angeles.

Apple Picking in Los Angeles

Hand picking an apple from a tree

As mentioned above, you can go apple picking! The ultimate fall in Los Angeles activity? Bring delicious apples home. Get ready to prepare an amazing apple pie or apple crisp. I love the aroma of apple, cinnamon, and sugar caramelized together, wafting in the air.

You can’t exactly find apple picking in Los Angeles, but you can go apple picking near Los Angeles. Here are some of the top apple orchards:

Riley’s Apple Farm (Oak Glen)

  • Pick your own apples from August to October.
  • And then press your own delicious cider.
  • Farm activities

Location: 12201 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399 (Google Map it)

Snow-Line Orchard and Winery (Oak Glen)

You can’t pick your own apples here, but you can buy them in their store. What they do have is… MINI CIDER DONUTS

You’re not going to find cider donuts at every apple orchard you visit, but you will at Snow-Line. That’s worth a visit!

Eat your donuts with some fresh-pressed apple cider. They have three kinds: traditional, cherry, or raspberry apple ciders.

Take home a bottle of their apple brandy.

Location: 39400 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399 (Google Map It)

SLO Creek Farms (San Luis Obispo)

  • There are 40 acres of organic apple trees you can pick from.
  • Taste test their hard cider appropriately named Liquid Gold.
  • Apple Brandy available during apple season.

Explore the Pumpkin Patches & Corn Mazes


More than just a pumpkin patch in Culver City, this family favorite is great way to spend an afternoon.

  • Choose a pumpkin & decorate it.
  • Explore the straw maze
  • Ride a pony
  • Visiting their petting zoo
  • And so much more…

Location: 10100 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 (Google Map It)


Every October, Forneris Farms opens its Farm-tastic Maze of Oz. This corn maze is a fun and popular fall activity in Los Angeles. This is not a haunted corn maze, so it’s a great activity to do with the kiddos.

Can you get through this a 4 acre corn maze?

You will also find a pumpkin patch and other fun activities at Forneris Farms.

Location: 15200 Rinaldi St, Mission Hills, CA 91345 (Google Map It)


A scavenger hunt and a corn maze in one at Tapia Brothers Farm. Sign me up!

Location: 5251 Hayvenhurst Ave Encino, CA 91436 (Google Map it)

Cozy and Warm Gifts

Stay cozy and warm this fall and winter season with these cozy gifts. Here are some of the best cozy gift ideas for you and your family.

More Los Angeles Fall Activities

Don’t miss Halloween in Los Angeles

Halloween is a huge part of the fall season and Los Angeles uses its Hollywood magic to celebrate.

Unfortunately, many of the events that take place in the city will either be canceled or reinvented due to the pandemic. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the best of what is available, just remember to follow the guidelines.

Some of our favorite spooky highlights:


The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is one of the most popular attractions. Usually, it takes place in Griffith Park. This year due to restrictions from the pandemic, they have moved this Los Angeles fall activity to San Dimas. It’s been reimagined from a hayride to a haunted live drive-up attraction.

Sept 25 to Nov 1 | Starting at $49.99


Take a 2.5-hour walking tour of the Paramount studio backlot after dark. Get spooked by tales of the other side as you head on over to exclusive access to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Sept 8 to Nov 3 | $99 pp


This new drive-thru Halloween attraction in Heritage Square Museum brings the Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus to life.

Cost is FREE | Reserve your tickets starting Sept 12th.


The Nights of the Jacks is a fun Halloween and fall experience for the entire family. Scenes are created from thousands of hand-carved and lit-up Jack-o-Lanterns.

In the past, we were able to walk through this experience. This year, due to Covid, it will be a drive-thru experience.

Oct 1 to Nov 1 | Cost $69 per vehicle (up to 7 passengers)


Disneyland celebrating season is one of them. If you have never visited the theme park during the fall, I highly recommend it. The autumn decorations and details throughout the park really bring the magic of fall to life.

For an extra cost, you can attend one of their famous Halloween parties. Dress up and meet up with Mickey and Minnie and go trick-o-treatin’ at your favorite park.


Officially canceled for 2020. But if you like to be frightened, this is the one event you should plan for. It’s an immersive experience that takes place in parts of Universal Hollywood’s backlot. You will feel like you’re in the middle of some of your favorite horror movies and shows. 

This event takes place on select nights and at an extra cost.

Check Your Local Neighborhood Events

Sometimes your local neighborhood will have fall and Halloween activities planned within the community that you won’t find blasted online. Join your local community Facebook group or check with your local library.

While this is not a complete list of Los Angeles fall activities, I hope these highlights get you excited for autumn in Los Angeles. 

Even though I can’t go apple picking in Los Angeles, I can’t wait to go apple picking in Oak Glen. I’ll definitely be stopping by Snow-line Orchards for apple cider donuts and fresh-pressed apple cider. 

Are you looking forward to fall in Los Angeles? What fall activity is your favorite?

Bookmark this post and check back throughout the fall season. I will be updating this post with more fun fall activities.

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10 thoughts on “Los Angeles Fall Activities: Fun Things to do in the Fall Season”

  1. You and Christine are finally making me realize it’s fall. And Awellreadtart too since she’s unpacked all her sweaters preparing for the cold weather that’s to come. Nooooo!
    Your opener cracked me up- “What is Los Angeles like in the fall? Subtle.”?
    But now I have to have graham crackers with pumpkin pie jam and whip cream. That sounds delicious! Did you just invent that or was that already a thing? Yum!
    Lake Arrowhead sounds beautiful. I’d love to see this “Swiss Alps” one day!
    And both you and Christine have made me want to get lost in a corn maze. I didn’t get to the lake or ocean this summer but maybe I can get to a corn maze this fall. We’ll see!
    Great post!

    • I think we should all start a new type of corn maze trend: where you have spiked cider along the route… Except then at some point, you’d have to pee…and if you couldn’t get out or got very lost, you’d be screwed. But still, I want boozy corn mazes!

      • Hahaha!!! Omg. That would make me nervous – the lack of bathroom.? My biggest fear is having to pee without any restrooms around. That’s why I’ve broken up my In Five Years tour.?
        That does sound sooo fun though! Probably get lost for days.?

        • I seriously try not to drink when I go out because of the bathroom situation. Now with Covid and things closed, I hate going anywhere far because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to stop and use the bathroom.

          Btw, so looking forward to your Five Years tour!

    • I love that you are cracking up at my honesty. ? If you don’t go searching for Fall in LA, you’ll miss it.

      Not made up at all. Mom’s country store literally has pumpkin pie in a jar and when she gives you a taste test (I’m sure with covid that currently doesn’t exist), it’s on a graham cracker. She’ll ask if you want whip cream and I mean, why would you say no? It’s the best thing ever. She hooked me on the spot and I got a HUGE jar to go.

      I love that little country store. All homemade jams. They make fresh baked loaves of all kind of breads like banana, blueberry and the such. And they have like an antique school stove/oven they make fresh apple pies in.

      The corn maze I think is easy to make pandemic friendly, right? Perhaps longer lines but you should definitely find a corn maze and go. I definitely would like to try one out. I like that they aren’t haunted. Hubby wants a haunted one.

  2. I feel like an Asheville fall is semi-subtle, too? And even this weekend, it was close to 90 but will suddenly be dropping into the 50s at night and 70s during the day next week. It’s sneaky like that.

    I LOVE the fall so we might be a little different there. Summer is eh to me, haha. But yes to the fall food!! I also covet fall beer and fall cocktails. Like apple, cinnamon, pumpkin everything, please. Cider donuts?! Yup! Thanksgiving stuffing?! Yup! Pumpkin Spice coffee?! Hell yuppie yessss!!

    Yes, to visiting apple orchards and apple picking, too! I’m so glad that you have them out that way. I mostly think of wineries. Hehe. And as you know, Florida had NONE. Like go pick a stupid orange.

    Do you think Big Bear will still have their Oktober Fest with this dang pandemic? I’d love to find one around here, too. So much fun. I want U.S. Christmas Markets too. Europe traditions need to take over in the U.S.

    OMG even your wineries have cider donuts?! Now I am jealous! *Gets on a plane with a mask and sanitizer.*

    You just reminded me that we have to go get our pumpkins for the year. I love baby white and orange pumpkins for the mantle. I’m hoping the church down the road from us puts theirs out soon. It’s my favorite part of driving home – seeing those pumpkins on the hill. Too bad ZoomBa loves to eat them, too.

    I love love love a good haunted house – we need to find something similar here too. In Florida, I did Halloween Horror Nights and while that was expensive as heck, I loved it.

    I want to visit L.A. in the fall! It sounds like a blast.

    • When I mean subtle, I mean, we’d miss fall entirely if halloween and pumpkin patches were’t a thing. The nights may start cooling off but the days are too warm to wear sweaters and feel oh so cozy for fall. The best part for you is that you can look out your window during the peak of fall and see the leaves changing. Our leaves take forever to change here but you’ll spot a tree here and there as you’re driving around.

      Snow-Line Orchard and Winery is the only place that has the homemade seasonal apple cider donuts. At least from what I can find. Can you believe that? I have to keep my eyes and ears open when I go eating my way through these fall Los Angeles activities.

      I checked to see if Big Bear would cancel Oktoberfest and it seems like they were moving forward with it. There may be new guidelines to follow. I mentioned it for those that would love to attend, but you know, that’s not our thing.

      OMG, I WISH we had Christmas markets like in Europe. WE have fake ones and they don’t give me all the feels. I also think it’s also the environment the markets are set up. We are not surrounded by beautiful European architecture and Christmas magic. I think it makes a huge difference.

      I’m sure you have Haunted Houses or a good drive-thru like they are doing now here for some events. We used to go to a haunted firehouse in NY that was so much fun. They did an amazing job. Every year they’d change it up a bit. One time, I came out crawling out of it running from Satan. It was terrifying. All proceeds went to a charity which was nice.

      Come visit!

  3. Okay, I’ve never thought about going to LA during Autumn, but now I’m feeling a little more inclined to do so! I love that my fav place/area, SLO, got a little shout out there!! I’ve never been to the Creek Farms before, and I’m totally going to have to go there for sure. This post got me into the Autumnal spirit! It’s dreadful here in the central valley, so I’m just (im)patiently awaiting the cooler weather and the time when I can actually put on a nice long cardigan and not immediately burn up :’)

    • I’d wait for the fires to pass and the smoke to clear before coming out this way. There is a fire in Yucaipa where the Oak Glen apple orchards are. I’m hoping the fires never reach the farms. It’s so sad.

      I can’t wait for cooler weather too! Going to be making some trips to these places on the list.

      Share your pics if you get to enjoy any of this fall fun this year.


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