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kathy holding up fried sardines to the camera while eating fried seafood in naples italy

We Travel to Eat

It’s in our name, Tasty Itinerary. We believe that one of the best ways to experience a destination truly is through its food.

We want to eat what the locals eat and where they eat.

Find restaurant guides, places to eat, food lists, drinks, and other fun foodie-related reads.

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Foods and Drinks Worldwide

Every place, country, city, or cruise ship is known for its local foods and drinks. These flavors come from traditions, local farming, and a mix of influences that make up their unique food style. Trying out various dishes teaches us more about the world and lets us connect with people through something we all love—food.

Food and Restaurant Guides

These food and restaurant guides are curated based on experience. We try to share the best eats from our travels and our local favorite spots near home. We aim to inspire you and guide you to delicious places to eat. We won’t add anything to a list that we haven’t eaten at and-or enjoyed ourselves.

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