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32+ Fun and Delicious Foodie Gifts for 2022

Searching high and low for foodie gifts that will bring joy to your loved one’s stomach? These foodie gift ideas will inspire you.

Any foodie lover will agree that some of the best gifts are the ones that either delight their tastebuds or assist them in creating something scrumptious.

I say this as a foodie that literally goes nuts every time I’m gifted something food-related. My sister-in-law gifted me truffles on one of my birthdays and I pretty much ate them in one sitting. True story. Don’t judge.

That’s because experiences are one of the best gifts. That includes delicious foods and things that allow us to prepare our favorite or new recipes. It’s all an experience.

The key to a foodie’s heart is their stomach.

With Christmas around the corner and birthdays coming up all year round, here is a list of foodie gift ideas. Also any of these presents for foodies will delight the foodie lover in your life on any occasion. Including birthday gifts for a foodie, mother’s day, father’s day, or simply just because you love them.

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Fun and Delicious Foodie Gifts

Food Presents

1. Chocolates

Always a home run with chocolates. It’s a go-to gift that you can never go wrong with.

You can splurge on a box of chocolates from Godiva or find something more fitting for the wallet like Sees Candies.

If there are any local small chocolate shops in your area, I suggest stopping in and seeing what they have available. Definitely have to taste test a few while you’re there. Right?

2. Chocolate Covered Fruit

One of my all-time favorite gifts is a fruit basket or chocolate-covered fruit from Edible Arrangements. I’ve received several throughout the years and they never disappoint. The fruit is always fresh, sweet and the chocolate-covered ones are always a plus. They are great for sharing.

3. Cheese Selection

A well-put-together cheese basket, especially during the holiday season is a great gift.

At the office, we like to send a few clients a collection of cheese boxes from Cowgirl Creamery and we always receive positive feedback. Sometimes I call local gourmet cheese shops in different cities. I have them prepare specialty gift boxes to be delivered and pair them with specialty wines and other treats.

Harry & David have a great selection of meat & cheese charcuterie boards you can have delivered. Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board?

4. Popcorn

Gourmet popcorn is great for families to share. Porpcornopolis has a variety of different flavors for every occasion.

5. Local Baked Goods

Think of their favorite bakery or baked goods. Whether the location is near them or you, order their favorite and surprise them with delivery.

Last year, I heard my dog’s physical therapists mention her obsession with pies. So, I ordered her a blueberry pie from our favorite local pie spot and delivered it when I dropped my dog off for a session. She absolutely LOVED it and went on and on about it the next time I returned.

Foodie Gifts: Subscriptions & Gifts Cards

6. Butcher Box

If your foodie is a carnivore, they will appreciate a gift box or subscription from Butcher Box. They deliver 100% quality, organic meats, chicken, and fish. With just one box, you’ll be saving them money on groceries.

As a huge fan and subscriber of Butcher Box, I highly recommend it. We look forward to our box every month.

7. Cratejoy

Cratejoy has a variety of snack, beverage, or food subscription boxes that any foodie will love. Sign up for one month or two, cancel at any time.

8. Gift Certificate to their Favorite Restaurant

Think of their favorite establishments or any of the places they’ve been wanting to try.

Gift certificates sometimes can be impersonal, but they don’t have to be. This kind of gift means that you gave it thought and you were paying attention.

Gift Idea
Pair the gift certificate with their favorite bottle of wine or champagne. Maybe they can bring the bottle with them to the restaurant, as long as the restaurants allow it.

$30 Off Your First Box of ButcherBox

9. Goldbelly

Foodies normally love to eat out and try all the best restaurants. A gift from Goldbelly will allow them to try dishes from some of the most popular foodie spots from around the US.

The Key to a Foodie's Heart is Their Stomach

Cooking & Kitchen Foodie Gift Ideas

10. Cookbooks

A cookbook is a thoughtful gift for foodies or anyone that enjoys cooking. Present them with a cookbook with recipes of their favorite cuisine or perhaps, something that helps them prepare quick meals.

It’s also budget-friendly. This a foodie gift under $20 that will get lots of use and mileage throughout the years to come.

11. InstantPot

An InstantPot is the kitchen appliance everyone should have in their kitchen. I have gifted this appliance and still get unsolicited appreciation about how much it has changed this person’s life.

Yes, it’s that amazing. It helps save time in the kitchen and helps prepare fantastic meals. During the fall and winter, it’s the best appliance to prepare cozy soups, chili, and stews.

If your foodie doesn’t have one, I’m 99% sure they have their eye on one.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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12. Air Fryer

An air fryer is another fantastic kitchen appliance that recently has become popular. You can make everything from fries to a roast in one (depending on how big it is). Everything comes out delicious, crispy, and healthier than an actual fryer.

Personally, I own the Cuisineart Airfryer Oven and we LOVE it.

13. KitchenAid Mixer

A kitchen aid mixer is a dream appliance for foodies that love to bake. They will be able to whip cream in a matter of seconds. Mix dough without having to

The best part of a KitchenAid mixer is that there are attachments they can buy down the line that makes this appliance versatile. Like, a pasta maker.

14. Personalized Pizza Board

A personalized pizza board is a great addition to any kitchen. Not only does it look cool against a backsplash, but you’ll also be inspiring any foodie to start making their own pizza if they haven’t already.

Gift Idea
Pair the pizza board with a pizza cutter, a pizza dough kit, and some pizza sauce.

15. Pasta Maker

Fresh pasta is the best! Who doesn’t love Italian cuisine?

A pasta maker is one of those gifts most people don’t usually think of buying for themselves. Once they are gifted with one, the idea of making sounds fun and doable. It will quickly become a Sunday favorite activity.

16. Fondue

Cheese, chocolate, and lots of memories will be created with this fondue set. It’s fun, classic, and always a yummy time.

17. Le Creuset Cookware

If you’re looking to impress a foodie that loves to cook, a gift from Le Creuset will have them swooning. From the skillet to the dutch oven to their cast iron pans, there is no wrong choice. This is cookware that will and should last a lifetime.

Cozy & Warm Gifts

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Foodie Couple Gift Ideas

18. Cooking Classes

A cooking class is a great activity that involves food. If you’re looking for a gift for a couple that shares a love for food, this is an option that will provide a fun time with delicious food, and perhaps they’ll even make new friends.

19. Food Tour

There isn’t a foodie I know that doesn’t love a great food tour. Check in their local neighborhood and nearest city for food tours near them. Perhaps plan and surprise them with a foodie walking tour. You’ll never know what you’ll discover.

Fun Presents For Foodies

20. I Like Cheese T-Shirt

I like Cheese t-shirt. This designer read my cheese-loving mind.

21. #Foodie T-Shirt

Need I say more? Great foodie t-shirt for the Instagrammer that is snapping a shot of every plate they are about to eat and posting it on social media.

22. Sushi Socks

These cute socks and colorful socks come in a sushi sock box. A fun foodie gift for foodies that can’t get enough sushi.

23. Cereal Scented Candles

Cereal lovers that love the aroma of fruit loops will love this cereal milk candle.

24. Scratch-off Foodie Travel Map

Travel foodie lovers will love this map. They’ll return from their US travels and scratch off everything they ate as they explore each state at a time.

25. Foodie Trivia Game

The trivia game for serious food lovers. Gather your friends for game night, homemade pizza, and fondue.

26. Foodie Book List

Here is a yummy challenge! 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die is a book that lists the world’s best foods that we should all try once in our life.

It will also be fun to go through the foodie list and check off the things that have already been tried.

27. Socks with Funny Sayings

Who doesn’t want socks that say, “if you can read this bring me tacos“? There are chocolate, sushi, popcorn, and other options.

28. Foodie Definition Print

Present them with the definition of a foodie so they can frame and hang it on their wall.

29. NYC Food Pyramid

This cool art print is for foodie lovers from New York City or anyone that has loved their foodie tour of the Big Apple.

As a former New Yorker, this modern print is one I would absolutely frame and put up on my wall.

30. Avocado & Donut Earring Set

Are avocados and donuts a favorite snack? These avocado and donut earrings are too adorable to pass up.

31. Foodie Dice

Just roll the dice.

Ever have that issue that you just don’t know what to have for dinner? These foodie dices help you not only make up your mind but give you the inspiration you’re looking for. Roll the dice and you’ll have a winning dinner combination in no time.

It’s a fun little game that kids can help with, too.

32. Gingerbread House Kit

A gingerbread house kit is an enjoyable activity you can give your foodie friends and family as a Christmas gift. They’ll have a great time putting it together and then eating it.

Hope these foodie gifts helped inspire you for the upcoming holiday season or special occasion.

What will you be gifting the foodie in your life? Is there anything from this list you’d love for yourself?

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Macey @ Brine & Books

Sunday 4th of October 2020

I love this gift guide!! Omg, I would love to get a cheese selection, that would be the DREAM. I'm so much more of a savoury over sweets kinda gal, and that would just be divine. I think I might actually have to refer back to this post come Christmas, my cousin is a foodie who also loves to cook, so a few of these items might be the perfect gift!


Saturday 10th of October 2020

Macey - Your comment made my day! So happy to hear it already has given you a few ideas for Christmas.

And omg, doesn't a cheese selection sound amazing?! I mean, just steal my beating heart with some cheese. Hope you get to have a nice cheese board during the holidays.


Friday 2nd of October 2020

These are such fun and diverse ideas. I totally love the socks and the foodie trivia! That might be a game I can actually win!!

I want to give so many of these to myself. I cannot believe I still don't have an instant pot ??


Friday 2nd of October 2020

Treat yourself! On Black Friday, you'll find a ton of Instant Pot deals. It's amazing. You won't regret it.