Looking for the tastiest key lime pies in the Florida Keys?

If you’re a fan of key lime pie, you’re in for a treat – because the Florida Keys is home to some of the best key lime pies around. From up north in Key Largo to down south in Key West, there are all sorts of places to enjoy this iconic dessert.

Personally, I admit, I was never a big fan until I had a bite of Blue Heaven’s key lime pie during our one day in Key West on a cruise vacation. I vowed that when I returned to the Florida Keys, I would try as many key lime pies as possible.

When a destination is known for a particular dessert, I go all-in on the tasty itinerary and make it my mission to try that item everywhere. I just did this with beignets in New Orleans.

Recently, we vacationed in Islamorada for 4 days -after our New Orleans trip- and made that infamous drive over the 7-mile bridge to Key West. I had the pleasure of indulging in more than a few key lime pie slices to share with you.

Where can you find the best key lime pies in the Florida Keys?

The best can mean differently to everyone. Some say it’s Blue Heaven. While I did enjoy theirs, I loved the one from Ziggie’s. While my husband thought Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen was the best.

So, you’ll have to make that trip and see for yourself. I can guarantee that the key lime pies listed in this post are some of the tastiest, and you will enjoy them all.

You can use this list as guidance, but I suggest trying other locations you may come across during your visit. And for fun, we created a checklist for you that you can save or print below.

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See where to have some of the tastiest key lime pies in the Florida Keys.

Without a doubt, while visiting the Florida Keys, one must-do activity is enjoying a slice of key lime pie. You’re not going to want to miss out. You’ll find key lime pie being sold almost everywhere you go.

This iconic dessert is beloved by locals and tourists alike for its tartness, sweetness, and creaminess. The one tip I can give you when you’re out on your key lime pie quest is to run from any neon green pie. That’s not authentic or real key lime pie.

There is even a vegan key lime pie on this list that our blogger friend kindly shares with us in this post.

Here are 6 of the tastiest key lime pies in the Florida Keys, starting from Key West and going north to Key Largo.

Key Lime Pies in the Florida Keys

Key Lime Pie in Key West

1. Blue Heaven

key lime pie topped with a high meringuePin
Blue Heaven Key Lime is most known for its mile-high toasted meringue.

Blue Heaven is considered one of the best key lime pies in the Florida Keys. Or should I say, the best key lime pie in Key West? It is popular and loved with reason.

Their key lime pie comes piled high with lightly sweet meringue perfectly toasted on top and is a work of art. Usually, I’m not a fan of meringue, but I made an exception for this pie.

The graham cracker crust is buttery and crumbly. It pairs well with the key lime pie filling with its light and airy filling that has a subtle tartness and is not overly sweet.

We originally got to have a slice at Blue Heaven’s at their sister restaurant – Salute! On the Beach. They serve Blue Heaven’s key lime pie.

So, if you can’t make it to Blue Heaven or the wait time is busy, but all you want is their key lime pie, head over to Salute! We had a fantastic lunch at Salute! when were first visited Key West, as well as the infamous pie.

Can’t get to Key West fast enough? Make your own Blue Heaven Key Lime pie at home with CDKitchen’s recipe.

Blue Heaven | 729 Thomas St, Key West | Google Map It

2. Sunset Pier

key lime pie overlooking the oceanPin

Have a delicious slice of key lime pie with a view.

The Sunset Pier is a great spot for drinks and a bite at any time of the day. It’s colorful, casual, and, more importantly, has a great ocean view. What I didn’t expect to find here was a fantastic slice of key lime pie.

The slice they serve is simple and almost even elegant, if it wasn’t serced on a paper plate. But, the pie had the texture of a light cheesecake with the subtleness of key lime.

I especially enjoyed it with the cashew graham cracker crust. You can taste a hint of the cashew.

Sunset Pier | 0 Duval St, Key West | Google Map It

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3. The Cafe Key West

Vegan key lime pie on a place with a saucePin

Vegan and would still like to try a good key lime pie during your trip to Key West? The Cafe in Key West has you covered with a tasty key lime pie cheesecake.

The Cafe is a mostly vegetarian restaurant serving what they claim is the only vegan key lime pie in Key West. We must state that the key lime pie at The Cafe is vegan but NOT gluten-free.

Our friend, Christine from Uncorked Asheville, was recently in Key West and was able to enjoy a slice of this vegan key lime pie. We appreciate her sharing the photo above and her experience, as I trust her judgment regarding fantastic vegan eats and food in general.

The Cafe | 509 Southard St #6835, Key West | Google Map It

Key Lime Pie in Islamorada

4. Ziggy & Mad Dog’s

key lime pie with graham cracker crustPin

While Ziggie’s serves an excellent bone-in ribeye, save room for their key lime pie. This pie was thick and had more of a consistency of a cheesecake. It was the right amount of sweetness and the right amount of key lime laced into each delicious bite.

The walnut and graham cracker crust is thick, crumbly, and oh-so-perfect. If you love a good crust, this one has it.

The pie is topped with coconut whip cream, which ties it all together for what I consider the best key lime pie in Islamorada.

Ziggie & Mad Dog’s | 83000 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada | Google Map It

5. Lazy Day’s Restaurant

slice of key lime pie from lazy daysPin
Not the prettiest pie, but I promise it’s good.

Lazy Day’s restaurant wasn’t the prettiest key lime pie in the Florida Keys, but it was worth adding to this list. We enjoyed the pie more than dinner.

After deducting a few points for the sloppy presentation and canned whip cream, the pie itself is delicious. It was creamy, slightly tart, and sweet, but not in the way that will give you a toothache.

While I suggest Lazy Days for drinks at sunset, pie is an excellent substitution for drinks if you are traveling sober. Consider having key lime pie at sunset.

Not feeling like a key lime pie? Try their key lime martini.

Lazy Days | 79867 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada | Google Map It

One Day in Key West, Florida

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Key Lime Pie in Key Largo

6. Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen

layered key lime pie topped with whip creamPin
Mrs. Mac’s key lime pie has won numerous acknowledgments.

This is the last key lime pie we had before leaving Key West. Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen delivers one of the creamiest pies you’ll probably have and one that will have you puckering your lips. The tartness and sweetness of this one is fantastic and just right. You can absolutely taste the key lime in this one.

I love that this pie has what feels like a top custard layer when you cut into it. It’s smooth on your tongue until that citrusy flavor of the key lime cuts through.

If you’re not a fan of meringue, you’ll love that this one is topped with homemade whip cream.

This was hubby’s favorite of all the key lime pies in the Florida Keys.

Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen | 99336 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo | Google Map It

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Save to Pinterest, to your phone, or print a copy as a fun checklist during your time in the Florida Keys.

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Now, it’s time to find for you to find the best Key Lime pie in the Florida Keys. Which one will you try first?

What is your favorite Key Lime pie in the Florida Keys?

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