33 Awesome Cozy Gifts for 2021

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Are you ready for cooler crisp weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and snow? Looking forward to everything cozy and warm? Do you know someone who is? Here are some of the best cozy gifts for 2021.

The temperatures will soon drop and the priority will be to say warm and cozy. As it is, most of our mornings are already started to cool off. I’m bundling up with a hot cup of coffee in front of my computer.

I don’t know about you, but the moment the temperature drops under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m freezing. Of course, that’s because after living in Los Angeles for over 15 years, this New Yorker is sensitive when it comes to temperature drops. Or perhaps it’s my warm Puerto Rican blood running through me.

The fall and winter seasons have us pulling out our coziest sweaters from the back of the closet. Looking everywhere online for the coziest socks and fuzziest slippers we can find. I pile my sofa with soft throw blankets – my dogs love them, too.

On cold days, there is nothing more comforting than slipping on a pair of fuzzy slippers and crawling under a pile of faux fur throw blankets. As an added bonus, we may turn on the fireplace with some hot chocolate and we are golden.

If you can relate to or know someone who is similar, then they will appreciate these cozy gifts. Who do you know? Your loved one? Mom? Best friend? Husband? Girlfriend? Your pets?

When fall and Christmas come around, my favorite cozy Christmas gifts to give is anything that screams, “it’s time to get cozy warm!” Here is a list of cozy gifts that will keep you, your friends, and your family feel warm, fuzzy, and cozy.

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With the lockdowns during this pandemic, we’ve been spending more time at home more than ever. We are appreciating everything that is cozy and comforts us. Cozy gifts this season is definitely the way to go.

Grab some ideas from this list. Get creative and create a themed gift box.

Cozy Gifts for 2021

Cozy Gifts For HER

Without a doubt, the female in your life will appreciate any cozy gift you’ll bestow upon them. We are constantly on the go and crave those peaceful moments that are accompanied by a cozy safe feeling.

Here are a few cozy gifts for her that she will appreciate.

1. Soft Cozy Socks

The Barefoot dreams socks are quite possibly one of the coziest socks anyone can put on their feet. They are great to wear around the house or to bed. Anything from Barefoot dreams is a cozy choice.

2. Cozy Jacket or Sweater

If you love sherpa anything, then you know that it is the ultimate of cozy anything. If she loves to snuggle, I’m pretty sure she will love this sherpa teddy jacket.

The teddy jacket is super plush, soft, and warm. The jacket feels like a teddy has its arms wrapped around you keeping you nice and cozy.

Personally own this one and it’s the only jacket I need when the temps really start to drop.

3. Bath Bombs

If she loves warm baths, then bath bombs are a great added touch. Nothing like a warm bath to relax and end the day with cozy vibes.

4. Hand and Foot Spa products

Speaking from experience, an at-home cozy foot spa will have her relaxing in no time. Add a set of hand and foot spa products to complete the gift.

5. Slippers

After she’s done with a warm bath and a foot spa, a comfy pair of slippers is a must. See the variety of adorable Snoozie Slippers, find something that will compliment her personality. Or perhaps a slipper that’s a little more simple and fuzzy.

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6. A Soft Robe

This Unisex Muslim Cotton robe is so soft and amazing! It is the one cozy item that can be used all year round. Every time she’ll wear it, she’ll feel like she’s at a luxury spa on vacation.

Feel free to buy a matching robe to go with hers.

This is one of my favorite buys of 2021.

7. Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate. There is a warm cozy feeling upon the first bite that makes chocolate one of the perfect edible cozy gifts.

cozy gifts for cold people

Do you know anyone that seems to always be cold? They carry a jacket with them everywhere they go, even in the summer. They might love to sit directly in the sun because they love the warmth it gives them. They probably sleep in blankets and comforters no matter the temperature.

Here are a few items for people who are always cold.

8. Oversized hoodie blanket

This oversized hoodie blanket. is a perfect gift for the perpetually cold. This hoodie would make a great but useful gag gift.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Here are 30+ coffee-related gift ideas.

9. Heated blanket

A heated blanket is a mecca of warmth and cozy! Just plug it in and prepare for them to never leave the coziness of her couch or bed.

10. Portable electric hand warmers

These portable electric hand warmers are great to keep in jacket pockets or throw in a bag for when they are needed. This is especially a great cozy gift for anyone that suffers from cold hands all the time.

11. Space heater

Personally, I use a space heater under my desk all year round for my feet. It’s one of the best things I ever had in my office. As someone that is always cold, I’m sure they’d appreciate this small gift.

Cozy Throw Blankets

Anyone else obsessed with blankets? Throw blankets are a part of everyday life in my household.

Who likes to cuddle and get cozy under a throw blanket? I definitely do. Especially on rainy days, when sick and all I want to do is hide under the cover. Anytime it’s time to watch TV there is a blanket involved.

The best throw blankets are super soft. Think fleece, sherpa, faux fur, and knitted.

Here are a few different throw blankets that are great as cozy gifts.

12. Chunky knitted blanket

Imagine how cozy it would be sitting in front of a fire with a chunky knitted blanket and a hot chocolate in hand. Serious, cozy winter goals. The blanket also adds coziness to a bedroom as a throw.

13. Sherpa blanket

This knitted sherpa blanket is a classy gift for anyone. It’s so soft and cozy! This makes a great bedspread, couch throw, or maybe even for their desk at the office. Just kidding… sort of. I’ve been tempted.

Gifts for Foodies

The way to a foodie’s heart is their stomach. Here are over 32 Foodie gift ideas for the foodie in your life.

14. Travel blanket

Let’s not forget the jet setters in your life. Travelers also deserve a warm cozy gift for plane rides or if they get stuck in the airport. You never know.

This travel blanket is easy to pack, plush, and perfect for those that like to pack light. It can be used as a pillow or be unwrapped as a blanket.

15. Unicorn Blanket

Because you know someone in your life that would love a soft fleece unicorn blanket. You know, you do.

Cozy gifts for cozy sleep

If there is any time a day that it’s important to be cozy, it would be at bedtime. Everything matters from the mattress, pillow, and what you’re wearing to sleep.

16. Cozy pajamas

These Barefoot Dreams pajamas are super soft and cozy. If you have a PJ addict in your life, they make for a great luxury cozy gift.

17. Backrest pillow

Recently, my friend Lauren from Literary Dates joked on Instagram that she got a new husband in the form of a backrest pillow. I envied the purchase, so went ahead and purchased one. Love the coziness it brings to bed.

18. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is all the rage these days. It brings that comfort and security that some people need to fall asleep. My brother can’t sleep well without having some sort of weight on his legs. He used to pile heavy blankets on top. Now, a weighted blanket is all he needs.

19. Eye mask

An eye mask will help block out light and help you gain that important cozy sleep you need. The silk mask will also help with puffiness around the eyes.

20. Sound machine

Wouldn’t you love to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean? A sound machine will help with that.

Every time I hear those waves crashing against the shore in the background, I’m transported back to a cozy spot on an island. Sometimes I’m actually on an island.

It’s also a great gift for someone that loves the sound of rain, too.

21. Diffuser

For those restless nights that nothing helps, diffusing some lavender oil helps so much. If you know someone that values their sleep as I do, they’d appreciate a diffuser.

Cozy Gifts for the Home

Looking for cozy gifts for someone’s home. Perhaps a housewarming gift? Here are a few things that will help give a home that cozy feel.

22. An Electric Fireplace

One regret we have had every winter since moving into our house is not having a fireplace. We didn’t think it was important. For 20 years we have lived together and never once we had a fireplace. Until we started to sit in front of my sister-in-law’s on Christmas day and we realized how much we loved the cozy warm feeling.

We can’t exactly afford to install a real fireplace. So we have found an electric fireplace and TV console that we set up last Thanksgiving. It’s the best thing ever!

Have a fireplace? See here how to add hygge coziness to your fireplace.

23. Popcorn maker

You can’t beat the aroma of fresh-popped corn. Even when you walk into a movie theater and that popcorn smell hits you, you start getting that fuzzy feeling. Sitting in front of a screen with a warm bucket of popcorn is cozy.

24. Scented Candles

How to make your home smell cozy? Bake something! When you don’t have time to bake or just don’t have the skills, light a candle. Anything that is apple cinnamon scent is a winner. These handcrafted candles smell absolutely delicious.

Lit-up candles in general definitely add coziness to a home.

25. Let’s Get Cozy Sign

Get a sign. A daily reminder at home to get cozy.

26. Cozy Door Mat

Cozy Gifts for Pets

Our furbabies deserve some coziness, too.

As dog parents, we spoil our dogs. Whenever I see something I know my dogs would like to snuggle in, I buy it. They have their own blankets, multiple beds, and even soft toys that they can’t get enough of.

Here are a few cozy gifts your pets will love.

27. A cozy dog or cat bed

This round bed is so soft and comfortable, you’re going to want it for yourself. It’s called the Donut Cuddler . Unfortunately, they don’t make it in a human size, I checked.

Your cat will love you for this cozy cave bed. The perfect spot for them to hide.

28. Plush blanket

Not only will your furbabies love this blanket, but it will also look great in your home. It’s plush with pretty colored polka dots. Your furbaby will love you for this.

My dogs especially love their blankets when they come out of the dryer. How about you furbaby?

29. Warm sweaters

If your dogs love to dress up, definitely stock up on these cozy warm sweaters for them this winter.

Cozy Drinks To Warm Up Your Soul

30. Hot chocolate gifts

Sometimes it’s nice to indulge and have a great hot chocolate. Now, my ultimate favorite hot chocolate is sold by William-Sonoma and is only available in the winter season. If available it makes for a wonderful gift for anyone that loves chocolate.

Godiva hot chocolate comes in as my 2nd favorite and is available all year round.

Tip: Stir the chocolate in steamed milk. Then, take it up a notch and add a shot of Bailey’s.

31. Coffee Mug Warmer

Wrapping your hands around a warm mug is the definition of cozy. A coffee mug warmer is ideal to keep on a desk to keep coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. Amazing gadget for those cold office days.

32. Coffee gifts

Coffee is a morning ritual for most of the world. Where would we be without it?

Coffee is what keeps most of us alive day in and day out. There is no way I’m going to leave the coffee out of this conversation. Anyone of these bad boys below will help any coffee lover with their daily coffee ritual.

Make sure to check out our Coffee Lovers Gift Guide for all the coffee-related cozy gifts.

33. Boozey drinks

If hot cocoa or coffee isn’t their thing, consider something stronger. Ship them some Wine, they’ll appreciate it.

If the person you’re gifting loves sparkling and bubbly drinks, champagne gifts are fun and always welcomed.

I hope these cozy gifts guide helped give you a few cozy ideas.

What is something cozy in your life?

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18 thoughts on “33 Awesome Cozy Gifts for 2021”

  1. I was just looking at electric fireplaces online the other day — definitely going to have to invest in one. It’s only November and we’re supposed to be in the 30s this week! Send some Cali sunshine this way 🙂 great post!

    • 30’s…eeekk! We drop to the 50s at night and I have the heat on. This time of year we go back and forth from AC and heat. I’m so looking forward to the electric fireplace. Wayfair has some nice ones that look like an actual fireplace. The only reason we aren’t doing that one is because we live in a small house and I need storage for things. So the console will work for that space. Let me know if you do get one, I’d love to know which one you end up picking.

  2. This is such a fab cosy gift guide, Kathy!! I got a beanie from my favourite band’s merch table at their concert last night, and I can’t wait for California to get cold enough so that I can respectably wear it :’) Other than that, I thrifted this fantastically warm, big, downy, swim parka earlier this year, and I’ve only been able to use it when I’ve been out of town in cooler temperatures. It’s the cosiest and warmest thing I own!!! I can’t wait til I can put the two of those on together haha!

  3. Girl, this is perfect timing!! You know, it is supposed to be like 17-something here in NC, and I AM COLD. This is unseasonably cold weather for us too, and tomorrow, it might actually SNOW.

    Like you, once it drops under 70, my Florida blood requires slippers, blankets, and sweatshirts.

    GAHHHHHHHHHH, this post reminded me that I need to take pretty pictures on your amazing new sweatshirt/sweater that I FREAKING LOVE. I’m the worst blogging bestie, ever.

    Thank you so much for sending me one of these ideas while I was in TN, too. I needed it. You know, I actually bundled SO dang much, I got too hot once I was in a cafe. I had to shamelessly strip down. Then, I walked outside and froze. My blood cannot handle this.

    My cats love you. They adore a giant dog cushion as well as a cave. We own all of the above times four.

    We own an electric fireplace since FL because well, FL. We currently moved it into the basement of the NC home since our upstairs has a gas one (that I am so sad that we still cannot use because we need to get it checked out first–you know this house and our luck…we will blow up). That fireplace is a fab suggestions since they set the ambiance and produce heat. We used to turn ours on with Christmas lights around it and play fire crackling sounds on our iPhones. I KID YOU NOT.

    I love this cozy gift so much. So creative and needed. I love the endless fluff and can someone please buy me a unicorn throw? My cats took over my Vera one.

    • I saw that it’s snowing by you today. It looks so pretty but cold! Your cats have the right idea sitting on top of the vents for heat. I loved that picture you posted.

      For me, this time of year it’s all about the layers. You can be warm and cozy under a chunky sweater, but you never know when you have to start peeling it off to get some air cause it gets too hot. Then I’ll walk outside to cool down like you did and run back inside to put on that sweater again. ?

      I’m so jealous that you have a gas fireplace. We want one so bad but not enough to move lol. And YES, get that checked out! We don’t literally need to have that house be the death of you. An inspector once told me that all gas fireplaces are major problems and we are better off without one. I wonder if he was trying to make us feel better. It’s so funny that you mention the crackling sounds because I was thinking of doing the exact same thing! HAHA.

      The unicorn throw blanket is so freaking adorable. You can’t go wrong with that one.

  4. The first winter snow of the season has arrived, and it’s 28 degrees in NY. Brrrr… warm blankets, cozy slippers, and hot choco are some of my winter must-haves.

    Love the cozy gift ideas! I want to get one of those pink Snoozie slippers to match the Cuddle Duds pajamas. Super cute!

    • I think you need the warm and cozy more than I do. I can’t believe how cold it got in NY and snow?! Stay warm and cozy!

  5. Haha! You’re funny with your freezing below 70!! You know as a New Yorker, it’s my job to laugh at that.??? Sorry. For me, I’m cold in the 40s but even that’s not too terrible. Now we’ll get someone from Minnesota who will laugh at me and it’ll all be okay.?

    I LOVE your cozy list! Those blankets! I especially need the hoodie blanket for my office because I often do freeze in there. My apartment on the other hand, is sweltering hot so minimal clothing is best.
    That hot chocolate sounds so good though that I will open up a window so I can enjoy it.
    I love that you included a husband pillow. Thanks for the mention!! I got to say I love it SO much. I don’t know why I waited so long to get one. It’s a game changer and mine is cozy!? I’ve totally thought that if I ever do a gift guide for book lovers, I’m totally including it. That’s all I got so far though. One thing.?

    Awesome list!! I can’t wait to enjoy all things cozy up in NH. I’ll sip some hot chocolate in front of the fire while wearing a cozy sweatshirt. Maybe my pizza one!?

    • Every NYer always laughs at me when I tell them it’s freezing here at night and in the mornings. They don’t understand how different the cold is here too, it like nips at you all the way down to your bones. So my brother was here recently and while during the day it was nice at night it got cold. On purpose I did not put on the heat the 1st night he stayed here cause he’s from NY and I knew he’d think I was nuts. The next morning, he tells me he froze his night off all night LOL. The next night, the heat went on.

      Totally include the husband pillow for your gift guide! I am sure you’d think of many other things to add to the list.

      I love that hot chocolate so much! I get it every year. It’s probably the only thing I buy at Williams Sonoma all year. It’s such a great treat.

      Yes, wear your cozy pizza sweater! I’m still waiting for a picture lol

  6. So many great gift ideas. I love that you included gifts for those who are always cold, I fall into that category and I fully agree with those ideas. That dog bed looks so comfy, I would definitely want to curl up in it too!

    • Thank you, Sarah! I am always cold so I had to include stuff for us and I’d laugh if someone would give me that huge cozy hoodie. I wish my couch was as cozy as that dog bed. Hope you stay cozy and warm this winter!

  7. The heated blanket and sound machine are already on my Christmas list for this year! I love being cozy! I am totally using this for some Christmas shopping this year because everyone needs cozy things. Even the people who live in warmer places than I do! What a great list!

    • Thanks so much, Keri! I wasn’t planning to do a gift guide this year but this cold weather inspired me to share all the cozy things I love. Glad to see you found a few things on this list.

    • Macey – Your comments always make me smile. It is pretty early but shockingly people are already thinking about it haha. Hope you get a cozy gift or two for the family when you’re ready.


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