NCL Breakaway Club Balcony Suite Cabin # 11194 Review

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We stayed in Club Balcony Suite Cabin 11194 on NCL Breakaway for a seven-night cruise. This cabin is on deck 11 midship, portside. Here is our review.

featured blog image hows the interior of the NCL Breakaway Club Balcony Cabin 11194. The room is equipped with modern furnishings including a small sofa, a desk with a chair, a bottle of champagne, and a wall-mounted telephone. Large windows provide a view of the ocean, and there's a glass door leading to the balcony. The decor is completed with a piece of artwork hanging on the wall and curtains drawn to one side.Pin

What is the Club Balcony Suite on NCL?

The Club Balcony Suite on Norwegian Cruise Line is slightly larger and features a bigger bathroom with double sinks and a larger shower than their standard balcony cabins. It’s not technically “a suite” cabin, but it is more of a deluxe balcony with some perks.

It includes exclusive benefits:

  • Dinner reservations 120 days before boarding
  • A complimentary bag of laundry
  • Daily standard breakfast delivery
  • Two special afternoon treat deliveries
  • Priority tender service when applicable

Our Stay in Club Balcony Suite 11194 on the Norwegian Breakaway

We recently stayed in Club Balcony Cabin 11194 on the Norwegian Breakaway, and overall, we had a fantastic experience. We were traveling with family conveniently in the next-door cabin, 11196, which also has a Club Balcony Suite. Though the rooms weren’t adjoining, their proximity made it easy for us. One limitation we encountered was NCL’s fleetwide fire policy, which wouldn’t allow us to open the partition between our balconies, but this was a minor hiccup.

Our standout feature was the spacious bathroom in the suite and the additional perks of this cabin category. As someone who loves organizing and scheduling, I appreciated the ability to book dinner reservations 120 days in advance, making sure we got our preferred dining times. Since we always do a bag of laundry, that was a sweet addition. If you would love to start your day with room service, that would be nice without worrying about the extra $4.95 charge.

The cabin’s location was ideal—mid-ship and close enough to the forward elevators for convenience but far enough to avoid any noise from the lobby. Traveling with a child, we found the proximity to Splash Academy, which is just one floor away, beneficial.

Regarding room layout, the bed was positioned close to the closet with the sofa near the balcony, which isn’t my preference as it makes accessing the closet a bit cramped. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a dealbreaker; we adapted to the space.

The bed was firm; I had to request a mattress topper for added comfort.

The cabin had lots of storage for two. If you’re a group of four, you may want to get creative with some cruise cabin organization hacks.

Despite these few notes, our time in cabin 11194 was comfortable and convenient, making for a memorable family cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway.


The cabin features three US and one European electrical port but no USB-A or USB-C ports. You may want to bring an adapter with additional USB ports.

Bathroom Perks in the Club Balcony Cabin

Deciding whether the Club Balcony Suite is worth the extra cost on your cruise? One of the big perks that stood out for us was the bathroom setup—it made a difference, especially if you value your space. Unlike the standard balcony cabins, which squeeze in a small corner shower and a single sink, the Club Balcony Suite on NCL offered us a much more spacious shower area and sometimes even a bathtub, plus double sinks.

For us as a couple, this extra room made a difference. We could use the sinks simultaneously, and the bigger shower meant we didn’t have to focus so much on touching the walls or glass door. These little comforts significantly elevated our cruise experience, making the suite feel more like a retreat than just another cabin. This upgrade might be worth it if a bathroom with more space is important.

The Balcony Was Small


Unfortunately, our Club Balcony Cabin 11194 on the Norwegian Breakaway was one of the smallest balconies we’ve experienced with NCL. Typically, I can sit back and stretch my legs comfortably, even with the seat pushed to the sliding door, but that wasn’t possible this time. We stayed in a standard balcony cabin on the NCL Encore, which had a larger balcony than this one. Despite the smaller space, we still enjoyed the balcony access, but it’s something to be aware of if you expect a roomier outdoor area.

Quick Summary of Pros and Cons of 11194 on Breakaway


  • Double sinks and a bigger shower in the bathroom.
  • Lots of storage throughout the cabin.
  • No obstructions.
  • One deck down from Splash Academy.
  • Near FWD elevators, but not that close.


  • No USB ports at the time of sailing.
  • The cabin has some wear and tear, but it was kept clean.
  • The mattress is super firm; you may need to ask for a mattress topper.
  • There are not enough towels and no turn-down service. We suggest asking for extra towels daily.


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