Plan an Amazing 7 Days in Kauai For First-Timers

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What to do in Kauai? Plan an amazing 7-day itinerary. We share our Kauai itinerary and what to do in Kauai in 7 days for first-timers.

When we booked this seven-day trip to the Garden Island of Hawaii, we were ready for a vacation and some time away from the everyday. Our friend, born and raised in Kona, told us that her favorite islands were Kauai and Maui. We didn’t think you could go wrong with any Hawaiian island, but Kauai is the most rugged and least developed.

Kauai is known for its beaches, waterfalls, and incredible coastlines, like the Nāpali Coast, all of which you can enjoy during a week on the island. Whether traveling solo, as a couple on your honeymoon, or as a family, this island offers everything from sunbathing to hiking, eating great food, and sitting by your resort pool.

We share with you things to do in Kauai in 7 days. You will enjoy some of the most amazing highlights of this beautiful island. It’s a great itinerary for first-timers or anyone who hasn’t explored everything the island offers.

featured blog image of a wide aerial view of Kauai’s rugged coastline, with a wing of a plane visible in the frame and a bold text overlay that reads "7 Days in KAUAI, HAWAII". The ocean waves crash against the dramatic cliffs and secluded beaches below.Pin

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Day 1 in Kauai: Arrival and North Shore Exploration

Sunset over lush green fields with a view of the sea and distant mountains in Princeville, Kauai, under a vibrant sky scattered with clouds.Pin

One of the lookout spots from Princeville at Golden Hour overlooking Hanalei Bay on the North Shore of Kauai

Book that early flight! Don’t waste the day. It’s worth waking up at the crack of dawn for paradise.

Once we picked up our convertible and hit the road to our Airbnb in Princeville in the NorthShore, I felt instantly relaxed. The ocean air and palm trees may have helped, but I immediately felt at home.

The drive up to the North Shore was filled with many moments of oohs and ahhs. For a while, the view of the coast was on your right. You’re wowed upon entering the lush farmlands as you drive up the Coconut Coast. The view of dramatic mountains in the distance will stay within your sight almost the entire way to Princeville. You know that the next 7 days in Kauai will have spectacular views.

You’ll want to check in to your Airbnb or hotel so you can leave your luggage and head back out. We immediately got back in our car rental and drove around Princeville and down to Hanalei Bay to get a feel for the area. We also stopped at the supermarket to get drinks and snacks to put in our mini-fridge at the hotel.

Pick a spot in Hanalei Bay for dinner and maybe have your first Mai Tai. Don’t wait to eat too late, as everything starts to close early.

kathy enjoying a mai tai at tahiti nuiPin

Mai Tai’s at Tahiti Nui

We visited Tahiti Nui in Hanalei a few times during our stay because they have quite possibly the best Mai Tai I’ve ever had. Their food is good, too. Try their Huli Huli Chicken Pizza.

Day 2 in Kauai: Tour the Garden Island by Air

Our second day in Kauai dawned with rain, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. As seasoned travelers know, expect rain at any time of day in Kauai, but it’s not island-wide. You can simply hop in the car and drive away from it.

Since our day’s plan was centered in Lihue, we drove down to Kapa’a for breakfast, where the sun began peering through the clouds.

Fun fact: Did you know Kauai is one of the rainiest places on earth?

Wings Over Kaui Plane Tour

What to do in Kauai? Explore it from above! We highly recommend taking a plane or helicopter tour for an unforgettable introduction to the island. We opted for Wings Over Kauai, an experience we’ll never forget.

From the air, you’ll witness parts of the island that are inaccessible by foot or car. You’ll instantly fall in love with Kauai again and gain a deeper appreciation for its natural beauty. Without seeing it from above, you won’t fully grasp why Kauai is nicknamed the Garden Island.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 90% of Kauai can only be reached by helicopter?

Admittedly, we were a bit nervous about our flight, being our first time on a Cessna. But any apprehensions melted away as we soared above the island. The vibration from the plane made me a little queasy towards the end, but nothing would deter me from doing it again.

Tip: Book in advance. These type of tours gets booked up quickly.

plate of fried eggs, sliced sausage and fried ricePin

Breakfast at Kountry Kitchen

One of the best breakfast spots in Kapa’a is Kountry Kitchen. We ate here a couple of times. Try their fried rice or loco moco. They also have a coffee shop next door for quick bites.

Tour Ideas:
Entire Kauai Island Air Tour [book here]

Kauai ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour [book here]
Doors Off Air Kauai Helicopter Tour [book here]

Day 3 in Kauai: Sail the Nā Pali Coast or South Shore

After admiring the Nā Pali Coast from above the day before, we were eager to experience it from the sea. We booked the BBQ & Sail with Captain Andy and set out for a day of exploration along Kauai’s stunning coastline.

Weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for the possibility of sailing along the South Shore instead. That’s what happened to us. Upon arriving at Captain Andy’s, we were informed about the change in plans with the utmost professionalism and offered the option to reschedule if desired. Their exemplary customer service set the tone for the day ahead.

While I tend to be a planner and initially felt frustrated by the change, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to embrace spontaneity. We reminded ourselves that we were on vacation to have a great time no matter what.

Our sailing adventure exceeded expectations. Though not the Nā Pali Coast, the South Shore offered breathtaking views. We were treated to sightings of sea turtles, dolphins, a whale, and monk seals.

Witnessing dolphins in their natural habitat brought tears to my eyes. It was a truly special moment that I’ll cherish from our week in Kauai. I look forward to returning and perhaps trying Captain Andy’s sunset dinner cruise next time.

Tour Ideas:
Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel and Sail [book here]
Na Pali Sunset & Sightsee Boat Tour [book here]

Day 4: Explore the Beaches Nearby

Ready for some beach hopping?

After our thrilling adventures in the past few days, we couldn’t resist the temptation to explore the beaches of the North Shore. With the weather finally on our side, we set out on Day 4 to discover these coastal gems.

If you’re staying in Princeville or planning to head up to the North Shore, today is the perfect opportunity to visit these pristine beaches. Prepare for your beach days with our essential beach packing list.

Tip: Plan to visit the beaches on a weekday. On the weekends, locals are off work and enjoying time with their families at their favorite beaches, so you’ll probably run into more crowds during the weekend.

Hanalei Bay

After exploring the charming town of Hanalei and enjoying a cup of coffee, we walked down one of the side streets to reach the parking lots by the beach. Due to current closures, direct access from the parking lot near the bridge was unavailable at the time. Instead, we strolled along the 2-mile stretch of beach to reach the Hanalei Pier.

As you walk, don’t forget to glance up at the majestic mountains to the north, where distant waterfalls cascade down. It’s a truly surreal sight.

Feel free to spend the day here, perhaps grabbing lunch in the main town before heading out. After a few hours of relaxation, it’s time to move on to the next beach.

Tunnels Beach

Unfortunately, due to road closures from the 2018 flooding, we didn’t get the chance to visit Tunnels Beach. It’s important to highlight that this beach is celebrated for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities, thanks to its extensive reef systems teeming with marine life. Located on the North Shore, Tunnels Beach is also the gateway to the Nā Pali Coast, offering breathtaking views against dramatic mountain backdrops. Although we missed it this time, it remains a priority for our next visit.

Anini Beach

A scenic view of Anini Beach in Kauai, featuring a wide sandy beach with people enjoying the clear, calm waters, shaded by lush greenery under a bright blue sky.Pin

Anini Beach quickly became our favorite spot during the trip. The calm waters were ideal for snorkeling, and as you venture farther along the beach, you’ll find quieter spots perfect for unwinding. Don’t forget to bring along drinks, snacks, or even lunch for a delightful beach picnic. Note that there are no lifeguards or easily accessible bathrooms, so plan accordingly.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea lighthouse perched on a steep, grassy cliff overlooking the ocean, with waves crashing against the rocky shore below, under a partly cloudy skyPin

Before or after visiting Anini Beach, consider stopping by the Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge at Kīlauea Point. Although we only admired it from a distance during our trip, it’s worth visiting during its operating hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm) for an up-close look at this iconic landmark and its surrounding wildlife.

See a Sunset or Sunrise

Kathy in a long dress stands on a grassy overlook at sunset, with the sun casting a brilliant glow over the ocean horizon behind her.Pin

During your week in Kauai, experience at least one memorable sunset or sunrise. We opted to watch the sunset from the comfort of our Airbnb at The Cliffs, which had a stunning backyard view. It was the perfect way to end another incredible day in paradise.

Hanalei Bread Company

For a great breakfast or lunch spot in Hanalei, check out Hanalei Bread Company. Avocado toast for the win with iced coffee.

avocado toast topped with greensPin

Day 5 in Kauai: Explore Waimea Canyon and Kauai Coffee Company

Don’t miss the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

When I first booked our trip to Kauai, several people told me I had to see the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The first time I heard of this, I quickly looked it up. Waimea Canyon quickly made it onto our itinerary, and I knew we would make a day of it.

Waimea Canyon State Park

As first-time visitors to Kauai, we took Waimea Canyon Drive from Waimea town into Waimea Canyon State Park. Along the way, various lookouts provide stunning views of valleys and waterfalls, revealing the drier landscape of this part of the island.

From Waimea, follow Highway 50 West to Highway 550 or 552. Highway 550, also known as Waimea Canyon Road, takes you directly into the park, approximately 11 miles away.

Though we didn’t hike, we brought sneakers just in case. The park offers numerous trails and camping areas for those interested in exploring more.

Tour Ideas:
Secret Kauai Tour [book here]

Visit a Coffee Plantation


Free COFFEE sampling!

Raise your hand if you’re a coffee lover! You will not want to miss visiting the Kauai Coffee Company Estate. They offer free coffee to samples daily and self-guided tours of their estate. Guided tours must be reserved at an extra cost.

Day 6 in Kauai: Enjoy Another Local Kauai Adventure

Kayak the Wailua River, take surfing lessons, join a food tour, or book a luau. Whatever it is, make sure to have some fun. We chose to go mountain tubing.

Mountain Tubing

Mountain tubing in Kauai • 7 Days in Kauai Itinerary •
And you get to wear this cool helmet with a light.

Our Hawaiian friend suggested the #1 activity: a mountain tubing adventure with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. She insisted it’s one of the best activities on the island, so I booked it right away!

We had a blast mountain tubing and learned about the history of the old sugar plantation on 17,000 acres of conserved land in Kauai, not far from Wailua Falls. You’ll tube and swirl down old mining tunnels. Sometimes, it will be dark and bumpy, so if you’re easily scared, perhaps it’s not for you.

Despite my initial concerns about claustrophobia, it never kicked in. It was a fun and sometimes relaxing experience, floating along a lazy river. Plus, it’s a great way to cool off on a hot and humid day.

When you book, remember that twenty percent of the profits from the bookings go back to land conservation, which means a lot to the locals. Don’t forget your water shoes, and book well in advance.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls in Kauai, a waterfall cascades into a serene pool, surrounded by lush greenery, with a visible rainbow formed in the mist near the base.Pin

After mountain tubing, we visited Wailua Falls that afternoon. It is one of the easiest waterfalls to see, as you can drive up to it to take photos from the safe lookout point. You’re not allowed to trek down to it. Parking is limited, but most people don’t stay long after admiring it.

Java Kai

Java Kai was one of our favorite coffee and breakfast spots in Ka’paa, where you can stop for a quick bite before you set out for your adventure. Try their Acai berry bowl or the JK granola bowl. We made many stops during our week in Kauai.

iced coffeePin

Day 7 in Kauai: Explore the South Shore

The Tree Tunnel

A lush, green tunnel formed by overhanging Eucalyptus trees on a road in Kauai, Hawaii, with several cars driving through, creating a captivating drive through the Tree Tunnel in Kauai.

As you head to Poipu, watch for the Tree Tunnel on Hwy 520. Driving through this charming canopy of lush Eucalyptus trees feels like stepping onto a movie set. It’s the gateway to the South Shore and makes for a picturesque journey.

Old Koloa Town

Take a break in the historic Old Koloa Town. This charming village is steeped in history and lined with quaint shops. Take a stroll, explore the area, and read the plaques that narrate the story of this once-bustling plantation village. While shopping, I found the most adorable bracelet made from Hawaiian Koa Wood.

Mahaulepu Beach in Poipu

A sandy beach with a sign warning visitors to go around a Hawaiian Monk Seal resting area, against a backdrop of blue ocean and lush greenery under a clear sky.Pin

In Poipu, you’ll encounter numerous vacation resorts and Poipu Beach Park. The waves looked rough when we arrived, and the beaches appeared crowded, so we sought a quieter spot.

A local tour guide shared their favorite beach with us earlier in the week. After a quick Google search, we discovered Mahaulepu Beach. Tucked away from the crowds of Poipu State Park, Maha’ulepu Beach is a hidden gem accessed via dirt roads and paths leading to secluded shores.

Maha’ulepu Beach was one of our best discoveries. With no lifeguards or facilities, it offers pure paradise. You might even share the beach with Hawaiian Monk Seals; if so, admire them respectfully.

Though the water was rough on the day we visited, it didn’t deter several snorkelers. We cherished our time at this beach, and I’m sure you will, too. Don’t forget to bring drinks and snacks for a delightful beach day.

Unfortunately, this marks our last day in Kauai. We made a final stop at Java Kai on our way back to Princeville and savored one last Mai Tai at Tahiti Nui. Be sure to visit some of your favorites and grab a few last-minute souvenirs, like Hawaiian coffee and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

A puka dogPin

Puka Dog

One of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite foods in Poipu, Kauai, is Puka Dog. Get a Hawaiian-style hot dog and ask them for the most popular combination. Mine pictured above had a sweet and spicy mango relish with the works.

Where to Stay in Kauai?

Nose of red mustang as it drives down the road in PrincevillePin
Driving to our Airbnb in Princeville.

Where to stay in Kauai? Where you book accommodations will depend on what you want to do in Kauai. You may want to stay part of it on the North Shore and the other half on the South Shore. We ultimately booked a studio via Airbnb on the North Shore and drove everywhere. So, our Kauai itinerary revolves around and starts on the North Shore.

North Shore

As we researched the best area to stay in Kauai, we immediately fell in love with the description of the North Shore: lush valleys, waterfalls, sandy beaches… Doesn’t it sound like paradise? The area of Princeville made it to the top of our options, and we booked an Airbnb rental at The Cliffs, which fit our budget. A video of the studio can be found under my Kauai highlights on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to contact me for the link to this Airbnb. The con of staying on the North Shore is that it’s far from everything.

South Shore

If you’re looking for sunny weather and excellent snorkeling opportunities, consider staying on the South Shore. Poipu Beach Park is a popular destination with many accommodation options, from resorts to vacation rentals. You can even stay at the Grand Hyatt Resort for as low as 30k points per night (if you are in the travel points game).

East Side (Coconut Coast)

The East Side, or the Coconut Coast, is ideal for exploring lush landscapes and historical sites. Kapaa offers a range of accommodation options, including condos and beachfront resorts.

West Side (Waimea)

Consider staying on the West Side to glimpse Kauai’s rural past and breathtaking landscapes. Waimea is home to attractions like Waimea Canyon and Polihale State Park. While accommodations may be more limited here, you’ll find a few cozy options for a peaceful stay

Is a Car Rental Necessary in Kauai?

A red convertible sports car parked beside a road in Kauai, with a backdrop of lush fields and distant mountains under a partly cloudy sky.Pin

The short answer is YES. You need a car rental if you plan to explore the island of Kauai. It’s the easiest and best way to get around unless you usually plan to sit by the resort pool. We splurged and booked a convertible with Avis.

One of the biggest tips I can give you after arriving at the airport and you have your luggage, is to walk to pick up your car rental. You will save time by walking. Don’t wait and fight your way on a disorganized “line” to hop on a shuttle. Unless you cannot walk or have too much luggage, we suggest you walk to the car rental establishment.

Most major car rentals are right across the parking lot. Waiting for the shuttle takes longer than walking, but we learned this lesson quickly.

Click on the map’s satellite view above to see the parking lot separating the terminal from the car rental locations.

Kauai Driving Tip

While exploring the island, you may encounter a few one-lane bridges. Be courteous and follow the unwritten local rule of taking turns; several cars will go in one direction first, and then it’s the other side’s turn.

One lane bridge on the island of KauaiiPin

Packing for Kauai: Top Essentials

kathy wearing a faded blue denim cap with a red heart embroidered on it, using it for shade on a sunny day.Pin

We packed many items from the Beach Packing List, and a few essentials significantly impacted our trip. Here are some items we clung to:

  • Sunscreen: Get the highest SPF you can find that is reef-safe and apply it multiple times daily. Even if the temperature is warm, the sun is powerful, and you will likely burn.
  • Maui Vera: This soothing gel is a lifesaver for sunburns. It’s available in most pharmacies and supermarkets on Kauai.
  • Rash Guard: A rash guard for the beach and snorkeling proved invaluable. It offers protection from the sun and helps prevent skin irritation.
  • Hat: Wear a hat to protect your head from the sun. Whether it’s a cap or a wide-brimmed hat, you will find it necessary.
  • Read our official Hawaii Packing list here.

Resources to Help You Plan Your Kauai Trip

These two Kauai travel guides helped us plan our first successful trip to the island. They are worth packing in your carry-on bag or downloading the e-book to your Kindle.



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  1. Your posts truly keep getting better and better! Not that you ever have to listen to me, but I wouldn’t change your theme–I truly think it’s well-branded, easy to navigate, and super attractive. As I read this post, I just kept thinking how easy it was to read and perfectly laid out. I have some envy going on here, for real!

    I wonder if mountain tubing is like cave tubing? WAY back in the day, I went to Belize with a friend, and we cave tubed there. You’ve been to Belize, right? I definitely remember seeing posts before we were blogging besties… You are right about tubing: It can be scary. I wasn’t so much afraid of the dark or small spaces, but I was definitely worried about the speed of the water and my ability to swim. We had life jackets, but the cave was more swollen that time of year. EK! SO COOL, though. I am so glad you went. Your face!

    I think Tom’s first airplane was a Cessna. If I remember right, he took his sister up and. like I would, she…well…didn’t feel well. I’d love to do a small plane tour. I was once in a helicopter, which was neat and vomit-worthy too.

    Did we talk about this on IG or somewhere…but I love visiting coffee plantations. I find that anywhere near volcanoes always has delicious coffee (Indonesia) along with places in Central and South America. In my 20’s, I did most of Central America and ALWAYS required a local coffee tour. P.S. Your food and coffee all look amazing in this post and again, love the layout.

    These pictures are all absolutely stunning (are you using your new Aggie love?!? Tell me what ones are your favs, please! I need something for my Asheville blues…).

    I have never been to Kauai or that far out west–now I know if I go, to look back at this post. I want to rent a sexy red car and wear my Tasty Itinerary hat.

    Also, OMG MAVVVVVV surgery!! How long ago does that feel like and still, the poor little guy isn’t feeling 100%. Sigh!

    You are my first blog comment from Rosey ; ) Typing on a clean keyboard is a dream, kinda like dreaming I’m in Kauai for a week!

  2. Your comments truly mean the world to me and I really do take it to heart. I am just not sold on this theme but for now it will stay until I have time lol

    The formatting is all because I’ve been experimenting also taking some tidbits from that affiliate course I took. I love that you’re noticing and that you think I’m getting better. Ah means so much!

    Yes! It’s totally like cave tubing only the mines were so much smaller. Like the caves in Belize are HUGE, these are like tunnels and small. Sometimes they had to guide the tubes to go in one at a time because two at a time just didn’t work lol Tight fit. Still fun.

    The vibrations of the plane tour didn’t help. On a helicopter, I’m thinking the sudden sways would get to me. I don’t know. I would try it. Ah, Tom! I still can’t believe he’s a pilot.

    Well, the coffee in Costa Rica is just another world. Probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted. This plantation that you get to visit is just for show but you can totally walk around and hello, free coffee!

    Yes! Rent the sexy red car! We are gonna go for the Wrangler next time.

    I feel so honored that you have taken the time from Rosey to comment. Always look forward to what you have to say because you’re so entertaining. Getting a new computer all set up and starting to use it its like being a child again. I love the feeling. So fun.

    Poor Maverick, he’s getting better but it’s been a year!

    Still have some yummy places to eat in Kauai. So stay tuned.

    Oh and Aggies presets that I got are too orange. I think I used it for the Java Kai coffee. I think I ordered the wrong ones. Ugh. I’m not spending anymore money right now. I still love my original Aggie presets.

    1. I totally feel you! You have to do you at the end of the day. Your blog is your baby! Dress it up! I always look at my themes like ughhhh do I really like it? I just don’t have it in me to change again for another year. I still need to use Gutenberg fully like a big girl. Maybe then my blog will be as pretty and effective as yours!

      Glad that affil course helped. You might have to DM the course you took (I hope you have an affil link?!). I still need to go through the ones that we ordered as part of that bundle too. Did you hear that a new bundle, specifically all blogging, is releasing this fall? I think Cate will have a course that is going to be a part of it. Not sure if I will buy the bundle, though. I am drowning in untaken courses.

      I think for the helicopter, I definitely felt the sways more, and then I just got dizzy. I don’t think it vibrates like a small plane (I’ve been on semi-small ones), but when it swoops to turn, your stomach swoops the other way. 30-minutes was long enough. I’m so jealous of people who NEVER get motion sick. I’d love to do this over Kauai, though. You totally have me sold.

      Oh dang for the presets. That girl loves orange (and to be tan without cancer and wrinkles lol). I guess they will work for the fall leaves but not for anything blue.

      Sorry, I derailed off Kauai for some of this! LOL. I need some coffee (share those pics so I can pretend I am drinking them). Costa Rica and Brazil are my fav coffee but now I am going to pick up some Hawaiian coffee at the store…

  3. Omg! You always make me so excited and hyped up about whatever destination that you are writing about. It’s like contagion, and I want in the Tasty Itinerary travel club!:) This will DEF be on my list within next 3 years. Would be sooner, but we kind of have other places set:)

    1. Omg, I love the idea of the Tasty Itinerary Travel Club! I may have to steal this. ?❤️

      Kauai is such a beautiful island. I really hope you get to go and explore so much more than I did. I can’t wait to go back! And I understand, like I want to go back to Kauai but I have so many other places set. We need more time and money, right?

      You’re leaving for Europe soon, right? I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

  4. Kauai is a place I hadn’t heard of until sometime late last year! Since then, from what I’ve heard about it, and the pictures I’ve seen, it looks so beautiful. Your pictures are all so lush and vivid; you got some great shots! I think I’d definitely tear up if I saw dolphins out in the water like that too–especially because I cry about everything as I’m a very sentimental person :’) Do places close early all the time over there?! I kinda like that. It forces you to go out early, eat early, and doesn’t encourage eating late. Hope your pup gets better sooner 🙁 Still wishing him the best!

    1. Macey –

      You will LOVE KAUAI. You will fall madly in love with this island. There is no doubt.

      So many special moments from the trip but seeing those dolphins was absolutely special and I wouldn’t blame you for crying.

      And yes, everything closed down pretty early. At least where I was up North, there was no nightlife. There were a few bars opened late but not crazy lazy. I preferred it that way. We’d get up early to start our day, fit in as much as possible and we were in bed by 10pm. It was fantastic!

      Maverick is doing better everyday. He is gaining strength which is so important and his walking is pretty good. The only problem is his flexibility, there seems to be something behind the knee that the Dr is concern about but we are just taking it one step at a time. Thanks so much coffee the well wishes.

    1. YES! 100% I am so glad we got to see the Na Pali Coast from above since we didn’t with our sailing trip. I would have probably rescheduled if I hadn’t. The sights are surreal and photos really don’t do it justice. Hope it still inspires others to visit and see the splendors of the island.

  5. This was amazing!! Your photos are incredible and you did so much, I’m impressed! Kauai is next on my list whenever I’m able to make it back to Hawaii!

    1. Sarah – Thank you so much! Yeah, even though I said we needed a vacation, you’d think I was ready to just sit by the pool or beach all day. That’s just not my style. I can do that for a couple of hours and the I’m ready to go exploring. There is so much to see on the island. I can’t wait to go back. Hope you get to go soon!

  6. Yes you are making me want to go to Kauai!!! I love your itinerary. So many great ideas here. I love that you gave us what you did but also other ideas of things to do in case something else piques our interest. That’s so helpful.
    First of all, did you make friends with that rooster? I would have hung out with him for a bit. I hope that’s okay with you when we do a girls trip? I get very distracted by ALL the animals!?
    I’d like to cruise around in a convertible too and really soak in those views. Very smart!
    Your Kountry Kitchen meal looked like perfection on a plate. Seriously! Although I might have lost my Kountry Kitchen meal on that plane ride. I’m impressed by you and the hubby’s boldness. I’d love to do that but I think I’d be too nervous. That video was so sweet! What an experience. So beautiful. And speaking of videos, those dolphins!? You guys were so close. That’s incredible. Were you that close to the sea turtles, seals, and whale too? I need to go on that boat ride for sure.
    Back to food- that avocado toast makes me curious! It looks so yummy but I’ve never seen it that way. Here it’s usually mashed up on the toast but now I want to try it this way. I love avocado and will take it in any form! I seriously love avocado toast. It might be featured in every single tour post of mine. I’ll be the avocado toast food blogger!??
    Omg! I want to go mountain tubing!!! That looked like so much fun. I’d love that. How long did it last? Sorry if that was already in your post and I forgot.

    Awesome post as usual! And amazing pictures as usual!❤️

    1. Have you been to Costa Rica? All the animals there would distract you too!

      We saw all the other sea creatures from afar and I never had my camera ready at the moment. I was shocked at all the dolphin pods, but they were mostly sleeping. Did you know that Dolphins sleep with half their brain and then swim with the other half? Pretty cool.

      I sliced up the avocado too and put it on toast. I think any way you give me avocado on toast i’d eat it too. They had other things on the menu but I felt like if I was eating at Hanalei Bread Co, I had to eat some bread, right? lol You can totally have an avocado toast Instagram account!

      The mountain tubing was fun. It lasted about an hour or so.

      You know, planning out my week I really wanted to get in as much as possible in a week. I tried to plan it the best I could and figured, if it works out, I need to share. Sometimes there is so much to do, it’s hard to know what to do first and how to navigate. Glad you enjoyed the read and found it helpful!

  7. The fact that chickens and roosters are just running around the island is all I need to want to visit! I know that you said you got motion sickness from the Cessna (those views from the video are stunning) but did you find take-off and landing/turbulence scary at all?

    I got more excited and got the feelings of wanderlust the more I read through your post! It sounds like you had a jam-packed but relaxing trip. Seeing those dolphins so clear in the water must have been amazing!

    Wailua Falls looked stunning! I want to see the Manawaiopuna Falls (or as I call it the Jurassic Park Waterfall) on Kauai someday!

    1. The chickens were fun to see. Normally I’m afraid of them because I was attacked way too many times when I livd in PR, but these chickens were used to people and pretty chill. Of cousre they were waiting for food to drop too lol

      I didn’t really think it felt any diffeent from take-off and landing a normal sized aircraft we are used to traveling in. I was afraid of having ear problems after, but that didn’t happen either. There was a ton of noise though and I was thankful for the earphones. There was a bit of turbelance while we were up there but nothing scary as the pilot handled it very well.

      Yes, it was a busy week as I’m not one to hang at a beach all day long doing nothing. I’m alwaysr ready for the next adventure even if its exploring a new beach. We did get to relax though. There is somehting about Hawaii that the moment you get off the plane a zen feeling just takes over. I love the vibe there.

      We saw Manawaiopuna Falls from above. The pilot pointed out where they filmed Jurrassic park. There was one part that he said that you can only get in there by helicopter, which was really cool.

      Hope you get to visit one day and also seek out any spooky stories I’m sure there are of the island.