Cruise Drink Package Calculator: Are Drink Packages Worth It?

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Is a cruise drink package worth the investment? It can be if you enjoy a variety of beverages and prefer the convenience of paying upfront. The value of a drink package depends on your personal drinking habits versus the package’s cost. This is where a Cruise Drink Package Calculator becomes invaluable, helping you compare the estimated cost of your daily beverage consumption against the package price to determine if it’s worth the value.

Beverage packages can lead to cost-effective savings, especially when offered as a booking incentive or with a discount, despite additional gratuities that should be factored into your decision.

However, it’s important to research the costs of the different drink packages on your chosen cruise line, as these can vary widely. A drink package can simplify your cruise experience, allowing unlimited enjoyment of drinks without worrying about the bill—provided it aligns with your budget and consumption preferences.

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Our simple cruise drink package calculator helps you decide if a beverage package is worth it and fits your budget.

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Cruise Drink Package Calculator

  • A Cruise Drink Package Calculator simplifies decision-making by estimating costs.
  • Drink packages differ greatly in offerings and pricing from one cruise line to another. Know the cost of the drink package (we provide a simple list below of major cruise lines) and compare it to the total estimated cost the calculator gives you.
  • Compare the cost of the beverage package to the estimated cost calculated that you think you’ll drink for the entirety of your cruise.
  • The cruise gratuities calculator below will help you determine the amount of cruise gratuities if you know the package’s subtotal cost.

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We took advantage of our Premium Plus Upgrade on our Norwegian Encore cruise.

Drink Package Cost by Cruise Line


Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Free-at-Sea Unlimited Open Bar Perk: Gratuities only of $21.80 per person daily
  • NCL Premium Beverage Package: $109 per person daily, plus 20% gratuity
  • NCL Premium Plus Beverage Package: $138 per person daily, plus 20% gratuity

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Celebrity Cruise Line

  • Classic Package: $89 per person daily, plus 20% gratuity
  • Premium Package: $108 per person daily, plus 20% gratuity
  • Zero Proof Package: $30 per person daily, plus 20% gratuity

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Note: RCL’s beverage packages‘ cost varies and depends on the cruise ship and sailing.

  • Deluxe Beverage Package: $56 to $105 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity
  • Refreshment Package: $29 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity

Carnival Cruise Line

  • CHEERS! Package: $59.95 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity, if purchased before embarkation day

Princess Cruise Line

  • Plus Beverage Package: $64.99 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity
  • Premier Beverage Package: $84.99 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity
  • Zero Alcohol Package: $29.99 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity

Holland America Cruise Line

  • Elite Beverage Package: $59.99 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity
  • Signature Beverage Package: $54.95 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity
  • Quench Package: $17.95 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity
  • Have It All: $50 per person daily, plus 18% gratuity (note: this package includes the signature beverage package and other perks like specialty dining and WiFi)

Are drink packages on cruises worth it?


Based on our cruising experiences, we’ve made it a habit to evaluate if a beverage package offers value for our trips. This cruise drink package calculator will be super helpful for us with future cruises. The value of a drink package is subjective, depending on your drinking preferences and budget considerations. If your daily beverage intake is modest, say 1-2 cocktails a day, a package might be unnecessary unless you snag a promotional freebie.

For those with a thirst for more—be it alcoholic drinks, premium sparkling water, specialty coffee, or mocktails—the math changes. It’s about comparing the cost of a package against buying drinks à la carte to see if it leads to savings.

In our case, even with my husband’s preference for non-alcoholic options, we’ve found certain packages, like Celebrity’s Zero Proof Package, to be financially sensible. Securing a package or an upgrade before we sail, especially with pre-embarkation discounts, often seals the deal for us.

Is it cheaper to buy a drinks package before the cruise?

Buying a drinks package before the cruise is often cheaper than onboard. Cruise lines often offer pre-cruise discounts, which can save you money.

How much will I spend on drinks on a cruise?

The cost of drinks on a cruise can greatly fluctuate, largely influenced by your personal drink preferences, the cruise line, and the cruise duration. Opting for included beverages like water, regular coffee, iced tea, and buffet juices can keep your spending at zero. However, without a drink package, expenses can add up quickly: cocktails may range from $8 to $15, wine from $10 to $15 per glass, and soft drinks or bottled water from $2 to $5 each.

How to add a drink package to a cruise?

Adding a drink package to your cruise is straightforward. You can either log in to the cruise line’s website or mobile app to add it to your booking, contact their customer service directly, or ask your travel agent to handle it. While purchasing a package onboard is an option, doing so might mean missing out on any discounts offered before boarding.

Ultimately, is the cruise drink package worth it? Let us know in the comments if you decide to purchase the beverage package.


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