A Day in Capri, Italy: Plan a Day Trip to Capri From Naples

Are you traveling to Naples? Is the port of Naples on your cruise itinerary? Want to spend a day in Capri? Add a beautiful day trip to Capri from Naples to your itinerary.

Whether you’re looking to plan a Naples to Capri day trip or on an Italian adventure exploring the Amalfi coast, this post has you covered. We discuss the things to do in Capri in a day and how to get there from Naples to Capri.

Capri is a small island located just off the coast of the Campagnia region of Italy. It is a popular tourist destination widely known for its incredible rugged coastline, luxury hotels, and lemons the size of your face.

If you didn’t know, we LOVE Italy.

Every time we return to Italy, we feel right at home and where we belong; one of the many reasons we love traveling to Italy.

Hubby’s Italian roots are from Naples, and he fits right in. Me? I feel deeply connected to this beautiful country.

On this trip, we were sailing the Norwegian Epic on a 7-Day Western Mediterranean cruise. Naples was our first port-of-call on the cruise itinerary. Since we’ve been to Naples before and other cities on the Almafi Coast, we wanted to do something different.

However, there was one unexplored destination near Naples we hadn’t made it to, and it excited us: the island of Capri. So we planned a beautiful day trip to Capri from Naples.

There was a slight resistance from me at first before we booked this cruise. We love Italy, but we are always ready to explore new destinations, and the first three stops of Naples, Rome & Florence, we’d been to more than once.

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This article was originally written in 2018 but updated with the latest information needed to take a day trip to Capri from Naples.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission at no extra cost. Please refer to our full disclosure for details.

One thing you must remember when planning a cruise or even a land vacation is that you’re not obligated to stay in that port-of-call, or the city you’re hotel/resort is in.

There are options!

Most of the time, you have to be willing to make an effort to explore outside of what may be in your comfort zone because there are many beautiful discoveries and adventures to be had.

From Naples, you can…

  • Book a private boat tour to Capri or Ischia [book here]

Your options aren’t limited if you want to get creative. Read more about our tips on how to book shore excursions independently.

In this article, we share our day trip to Capri from Naples. How to get from Naples to Capri? And what to do in Capri once you’re there. Whether you’re in Naples on vacation or arriving at the port via cruise ship, planning a Naples to Capri day trip is easier than you think. Of course, you can always book a guided tour if that helps.

Day Trip to Capri From Naples

marina grande capri italy

One of the first things we did was research tour options for our Naples to Capri day trip. Sometimes meeting a guide is easier when you only have a short time to explore. A great local guide will help you make the best of your time.

After looking up the ferry location, finding out that it was close to where we were docking, and checking the ferry’s daily schedule, we realized anyone could make this day trip to Capri independently.

Cruisers: It's imperative that you plan your day within the alloted time you're given at the Naples port.

For example, our cruise ship was docked in Naples from 7 AM to 7 PM (a full 12 hours) with a 6:30 PM all aboard time. You want to be back near the cruise terminal in Naples no later than 6:00 pm.

How to get from Naples to Capri?

The only way to get from Naples to Capri is by boat. You either…

1) hire a private boat to take you to Capri,
2) or you travel with everyone else via ferry or hydrofoil (high-speed ferry).

How long is the boat ride from Naples to Capri?

Naples to Capri is only a 50-60 minute ferry ride on a high-speed ferry.

Ferry from Naples to Capri

It’s easy to hop on a high-speed ferry from the port of Naples. The hydro ferry leaves from Molo Beverello, located to the left, where the Norwegian cruise ship docked.

Departure from Molo Beverello

Hydrofoil | High-Speed Ferry
Travel time: 50-60 mins
Cost: 20 – 23 € per person, each way

Click Here for Ferry Schedule

Stazione Marittima: Molo Beverello
Molo Beverello, 80133 Napoli NA, Italy
Google Map It

The ticket office is past the ferry dock, and it will be facing the city of Naples, not the docks.

Be prepared to stand in line with impatient (but endearing) Italians trying to cut to the front of the line to depart on the same ferry. Thankfully, hubby can speak some Italian and can hold his own.

Do not forget to purchase your return ticket during this time.

Optional: You can purchase your roundtrip tickets online ahead of time. You may want to do this during high seasons and avoid the lines we had to battle at the ticket off. Note there may be an additional surcharge.

Be aware that purchasing your tickets online is ship arrives later than anticipated, and you may not be able to exchange or return the tickets. It is a small gamble, but you can save time that way.

We made it onto the 8:05 AM ferry and arrived in Capri by 9 AM. We purchased our return at the same time for a 5:05 PM departure from Capri.

We made it back to the Naples port by 6 PM, with more than enough time left to make it back on board before 6:30 PM.

A Day in Capri, Italy

How do you spend your Naples to Capri day trip? There are many things to do on the island. Some people even vacation in Capri for longer stays, but with less than a day, you can still hit some of the highlights.

The top things to do in Capri:

  1. Take a stroll through Capri town and explore the narrow streets.
  2. Ride the funicular up to Monte Solaro for panoramic views (€3,00 one way).
  3. Sip on limoncello.

We managed to fit a little more than that. You’ll have a fantastic day trip to Capri from Naples by combining the few things above with a boat tour and some walking.

Is a day trip to Capri from Naples worth it?

The day trip to Capri from Naples was worth it. A day trip to Capri lets you experience Mediterranean island life and its vibrant colors, culture, and views. You can explore independently or book a guide to help make your day trip more efficient and memorable.

Tour Ideas:
Full day in Capri Island With a Local [book here]

From Naples: Island of Capri Full-Day Tour with Lunch [book here]

What to Do in Capri For a Day

Take a Capri Island Boat Tour

A boat in front of us going under the Faraglioni Rock.Pin
A boat in front of us going under the Faraglioni Rock.

Cost: Starts at $18 and up.

We booked a boat tour of the island as soon as we got off the ferry at Marina Grande. A tour operator is right when you step off the ferry to your left. We suggest you book this first thing.

The tour takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes on a double-decker boat. It goes around Capri Island to show you some of the fantastic cliffside views.

Tip: Sit at the top and on the left side for the best views.

You will also have the option of adding the Blue Grotto to your tour.

A boat tour of the island of Capri, or even the Amalfi coast, is one of those special experiences in Italy that everyone should experience at least once, especially if you have beautiful weather.

dark shadows of boats in a cave over glowing blue water
Inside the Blue Grotto

What is the Blue Grotto?

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, southern Italy. Sunlight reflecting through the water gives the cave its blue glow.

There is an additional cost to see the Blue Grotto because it’s another boat service that will take you inside the cave.

Sadly, high tides made it impossible to enter the Blue Grotto on the day we were there. 

Be aware that the tour company you will most likely insist they aren’t aware of its status. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Open or not, you may have to go for it. Take the tour and find out when you arrive at the Blue Grotto.

What does the island boat tour include?

The island tour was fun; we were happy we did it first. The sights of natural beauty around the island were something special to see. Some of the things you’ll see on tour…

  • The Statue of the Scugnizzo will welcome you from its spot
  • A close look under the Faraglioni Rocks [share a kiss with your partner when you sail beneath the arch for a lifetime of happiness
  • Tiberius’ leap
  • See the point of entry of a few different grottos
  • Pass by the Punta Carena lighthouse
  • See the Sirens Rock
  • And much more.

We were shown a small hole during our tour because the high tide covered the entrance.

private boats anchored in marinaPin

Can you book a private boat tour? YES! If you can swing a private boat tour of the island of Capri, go for it.

Staying overnight? Tour Idea:
Private Tour of Capri by Boat at Sunset with Aperitif [book here]

Hop on the Funicolare to Capri Town

To get to Capri Town, you have a few options:

  • Take the bus,
  • Hire a taxi,
  • set out on foot (I wouldn’t recommend walking up to Capri because it is a long walk with lots of stairs, uphill)
  • or riding the funicular.

We chose to take the funicolare (cable car) to Capri Town. When you get off the ferry or the boat tour, you’ll want to make a right on Via Cristoforo Colombo towards the ticket off for the Funicular.

Entrance to the Funicolare in Marina Grande CapriPin

Marina Grande Funicular Info

Cost: 2.20 Euros pp
Travel time: 15 min
Click here for more info.

The ticket office for Funicolare is past it across the street at the pier.
[Google Map It]

After you purchase your tickets, you can return to Funicolare to wait in line. Luckily, we didn’t wait long and had an easy ride up to Capri Town.

Of course, on returning to Marina Grande later in the day, the line was LONG, so we chose to walk back down. However, it is easier to go downhill than to go uphill.

Explore Capri Town

You can explore Capri Town away or at the end of the day on your way back from Anacapri.

We explored and walked Capri Town at the end of our day before leaving to catch our ferry back to Naples. Capri Town is a lovely place to explore. It’s a cute town with many shops; the farther you walk, you’ll find many high-end shops. 

Just a little caution: unless you look like a VIP, you’ll probably get the “Pretty Women” treatment when you step inside one of the designer stores. Hubby stepped inside Dolce & Gabbana and was told not to come in. It was quite shocking. And he loves their cologne.

Big mistake. Big. Huge! – Pretty Women

Happy it happened at the end of our day! They have no idea who they are turning away at the door.

Experience an Open Air Taxi

red convertible fiat driving as an open air taxi in capriPin

One of the coolest things to do in Capri is to ride in one of the open-air taxis. You’ll see them all around Capri, from old vintage or newer vehicles.

You can also book and negotiate a price for a full island tour with a taxi driver. If you do this, agree on a price before entering the car.

In Capri town, we decided to take a taxi up to Anacapri. This short drive was so much fun, and its view was spectacular.

The drive was so nice, and he even gave us a few tips.

Take the Capri Chair Lift to Monte Solaro

Here is a small peek at our descent from Mount Solaro summit to Anacapri.

We had our hearts set on the chair lift to Mount Solaro. So we had the cab driver drop us off at Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, where you’ll find the Monte Solaro Chair Lift.

Monte Solaro Chair Lift Info

Cost: 12 Euros pp round trip
Location: Via Caposcuro, 10, 80071 Anacapri
Google Map It

Take the “chair” part of chair life to heart. It is a one-person chair you quickly slide your behind into. Then a simple bar is swung over your lap to “secure” you into it. Once you’re in, you’re on the way up to the summit of Mount Solaro.

Sort of like when you go skiing.

If you’re afraid of heights, this Capri attraction may not be for you.

The 10-minute ride up was peaceful, with an amazing view. But the views are even more incredible when you reach the top!

So, don’t be afraid of the chairlift! Cause the other option is a 2-hour hike. Eeek!

Explore Anacapri

Once we took the chairlift back from the summit to Anacapri, we explored this delightful island part.

Anacapri is located on the slopes of Monte Solaro. It is said to be quieter and less touristy than Capri Town. While it was busy with tourists wandering around, there was a different vibe in Anacapri. I suggest spending more time in Anacapri than in Capri Town.

We enjoyed poking around the small charming streets, admiring the pretty houses, doors, and flowers. This picturesque town has plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

How to get to Anacapri? To get to Anacapri, you can walk, take the bus, or hire a taxi.

Visit the Church of San Michele in Anacapri

floor fresco painting at the church of San MichelePin

Piazza S. Nicola, 1, 80071 Anacapri
Google Map It

I am grateful to the wonderful cab driver who recommended we see this church earlier.

St. Michael is hubby’s patron saint, so we had to see it upon our return from Mount Solaro. It is about a 5-minute walk from Piazza Vittoria.

We’ve seen plenty of churches during our travels, but this small church built in 1719 is a must-see. The inside is unique in its octagonal shape, and the hand-painted floor showcases the biblical story of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden that dates back to 1761.

To preserve the floor’s painting, you are not allowed to walk on the floor. Instead, use the wooden walkway built along the edges of the floor.

Make sure to look up and around, as many beautiful details make this church special. Climb up the spiral staircase and take in the full view of the art from above.

Departing Capri Island

Afraid we weren’t going to get to our ferry on time, we decided to leave Anacapri.

While standing in line for a taxi, we met another couple heading back to Capri, so we decided to split a cab ride. It’s always nice to meet new people!

Since we had some time, we walked around Capri. This is when we had our “Pretty Women” moment. After that, we decided to head back to Marina Grande to wait for our ferry.

When you’re ready, we suggest taking the taxi from Anacapri back to Marina Grande. And not go back to Capri Town as we did.

We hadn’t purchased a return ticket for the funicular; the line was long. Since we had time, we decided to walk down to Marina Grande.

If you decide to walk down to Marina Grande, give yourself at least 30 minutes to head down on foot. There are a lot of stairs, and at times you’ll have to trek downhill on the side of the street.

The upside to this is you’ll see another part of this island with beautiful residences and views of the marina on the way down.

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Quick Bites to Eat and Drink in Capri

This is my favorite part of every blog post. Sometimes during these one-day trips, we decide to have a sit-down meal. Other times, we grab quick snacks and try several items that may interest us. This day, it was grab-and-go.

When planning your day trip to Capri from Naples, don’t forget to look out for some well-known Capri treats, Limoncello and Granita.

Foodie Tip: Don't be afraid to wander into local supermarkets. Take a look at all the local goodies. We came across a supermarket, where I ran inside and purchased a few pounds of espresso. If you love Italian coffee, consider buying some at a local market.

Il Raviolo Caprese & Gusto Caprese

Via Roma, 79, 80076 Capri
Google Map It

When we first arrived in Capri Town, we were starving. Our big breakfast on the cruise ship was no longer holding us up. We needed fuel! We found this cute deli/cafe with an Italian mama standing outside, drawing us in with her freshly baked goods.

Sometimes waiters stand outside a restaurant waving people in with their menus. I normally ignore those desperate restaurants trying to bring us tourists in like cattle.

But when mama or nonna is standing outside waving you in with delicious Italian baked goods, you can smell it from a distance; you don’t ignore her.

You follow that delicious goodness when the wonderful aroma pulls you in and under a spell. When your mouth starts to water at the sight of it all, you decide you’re having one of everything!

Okay, maybe not one of everything, as we didn’t even get to try these baked goods, but what we had was delicious!

slice of fresh square pizza in Capri, ItalyPin

Pizza, guys! PIZZA! The pizza was fresh out of the oven! You know, I had to have a slice. It wasn’t your usual pizza; it was more like nice square focaccia with toppings.

The dough was freaking delicious! I think it had cornmeal in it. It was topped with roasted mushrooms, onions, and Italian meat. I didn’t care. It was perfect!

Hubby loves a good Italian sandwich. That’s all he wanted from the moment we booked our trip, and that’s precisely what he got (many times throughout our trip). They had fresh bread and hand-sliced Italian prosciutto and cheese. He was in heaven. 

So Mama handled the front while her daughter (the chef) was preparing food behind the counter in her small kitchen.

We found out after that the chef specializes in ravioli. If I had more time and room in my stomach, I would have returned to try some. If you decide to stop by and try it, let me know what you think.


Big yellow lemons in Capri, italyPin

When I think of Capri, fat lemons the size of my head come to mind, and it’s precisely what we found outside some of the markets. From those juicy lemons, you can prepare a vat of limoncello. It’s alcoholic lemonade, but way better.

Limoncello is sold everywhere. I mean, everywhere! We learned from our friend and reader in the comments that the ferry has a bar, and they serve limoncello to help with your motion sickness (you can read her story in the comments below).

The limoncello is an additional cost, of course. Nothing is free in life.

So if you do not start sampling the limoncello on the ferry, stop at a bar or cafe on the island for a taste or pick up a bottle to take home with you.

Foodie Tip: Authentic limoncello is a pale murky yellow color. Those bright yellow limoncello bottles you see all over the tourist shops are not the best.


Try the local granita if you’re looking for a refreshing treat in Capri, Italy. This lemon slushy is perfect for a hot day and is easy to find at restaurants and cafes throughout the island. So why not cool off with a delicious cup of granita?

With just eight hours to explore, it’s enough to take that day trip to Capri from Naples. The best time to visit is between Spring and Fall. We got lucky and had a beautiful day in Italy in October.

Capri is a gorgeous island with many nooks and corners to take plenty of pictures or enjoy a bottle of limoncello. In my opinion, a day in Capri is enough to quench your curiosity.

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  1. Wow! Capri looks so beautiful! I want to go! Your pictures are incredible, although that chairlift still sounds scary to me! But it does sound kind of cool.
    I can’t believe your husband wasn’t allowed in the Armani store. Ugh. I dated a guy once who came straight from Rome. I could see him being like that. He taught me that I can’t wear a blue shirt with blue jeans. I threw that advice in the garbage!
    Anyways, that food looks amazing. I want to eat that pizza now! The bread does look really yummy.
    Great post! I want to fly to Capri and take a boat tour! I love riding on a small boat on open water. Nothing beats it!

    Oh…p.s…how was that espresso?

    1. Okay, so I am not sure how I never replied to this? I try to reply to ALL comments. So I apologize for not replying. Somehow I feel like I did because we had a convo before about that Rome guy.

      Anyways, I had to make a correction to my blog because hubby reminded me earlier that it was Dolce & Gabanna, not Armani. They were super rude. They literally said, “Don’t come inside.” RUDE.

      A little fact, hubby wants pizza all the time and I turn it down almost always. Why? Because the pizza we can get around here is mediocre, so I save it for when I’m really craving pizza. I can eat Italy pizza daily! Ah! That slice was soooo good!

      I’d love to do a smaller boat tour, if and whenever we return to Italy

      Espresso is all done! I went through it quickly.

  2. UMM, how stunning is this post? Your pictures are just gorgeous, and now I am craving an Italy trip.

    Can we talk about the lemons? I mean, obviously, those are the most IMPORTANT, eye catching fruits of this piece ; ) You should just call this post Limoncello….it is the STAR ; ) I kept seeing lemons all over Positano, and you know that can only mean one thing: LIMONCELLO!!!!

    So yes, they swear Limocello helps with motion sickness, and because I care so much about ALL OF HUMANITY, I decided to undergo scientific research. I took a dramamine and kicked it back with some limoncello on the ferry to and from Capri (from Positano). My conclusion: Limoncello in the Amalfi Coast > Limoncello anywhere else. You should drink it every day while in Italy, especially after dinner. Wait, I think I missed the point of the study…

    The rocky waters around the Amalfi were the first place where I got extremely boat sick….shiver. We overheard many dinner conversations about the waters and people going down. I didn’t feel so bad. I did hop off the boat on the middle of a tour. I literally asked to be dropped off ANYWHERE midway through. The guy thought I was nuts until he saw I was green, dying, and sweating. My husband knew I was really sick when I turned down olives and champagne. Call 911. I ended up in Amalfi, the town. I spread out on the beach until the world looked clear again. Then, I went and got a beer. Beer is supposed to help ; ) I had to bus back to Positano. Walk of shame. Boats make me sick. For reals.

    Ohhhh Pompeii is an equally great choice. I loved the history and seeing famous structures that you read about as a kid. We drove through Naples but didn’t have time to check it out. I heard the city gets pretty congested on the weekends.

    (Ignore the all over train of thought here.)

    Granita (Granite, depending on where you are) is MY FAV. Sicily is famous for it (or so people kept telling me while I was there). I love granita because I can eat it, unlike gelato that makes my belly, ya know…. Sensing a belly theme?! TMI, sorry : ( Shaved Italian ice was also our staple growing up. Do you have a favorite flavor yet? I loved almond. If you ever go to Sicily, get the granite. Noto claims they have the best… It’s shaved ice sooooo hmmmm…. I love finding granita all over Italy!! I think I had some at dinner a few times around the Amalfi Coast.

    I love how much you made out of your short port stop. You guys are HARDCORE!! That is dedication. Also, Capri was snobby and elite. I just went there. Lol. You are so RIGHT. I liked it too, but they really have to work on their people skills. Pretty Woman is a great description! Live store “models” kept walking around at lunch trying to sell richer clients clothes…it was SO WEIRD. They walked right past us. GAHAHA. The rich and famous kept helicoptering over from the Amalfi Coast. Not my thing but it was so FUN to watch (and not be a part of…). Higher up, restaurants would only seat us poor folk outside…Whatevs… Sings: “pretty woman….walking down the street…pretty woman…the kind of woman that I’d like to meet…”

    You already know that I wish I knew about the chair lift…. GOSHHHHH!!!!! We got our exercise. Taking the hardest way up anywhere is definitely our signature. In pretty shoes too…

    You totally rocked Capri in 8 hours and took amazing pics. I love this post!

    1. I expect a full report on that limoncello study on your blog soon! I love your passion for limoncello, wine and other drinks.

      It must have been off season in Capri because we did not see any live models or helicopters. I think if we had experienced all of that, we would have a different opinion of Capri all together. We loved Anacapri better than the town of Capri.

      I would have never survived the hike up, so I am so HAPPY those chairlifts exists. I do not work out at all, so I would have needed a helicopter to save me midway up haha.

      Yeah, we definitely crammed a lot in 8 hours. Thanks for leaving me one of the most entertaining comments of all time. ? Appreciate it.

    1. Yes, they were! So happy it happened at the end of our day.

      Italy is such a beautiful country and the food is my favorite part. ?

      Thank you for stopping by! Appreciate your support!

  3. It seriously warms my heart that you feel like you belong in Italy! I haven’t been there yet (but I’m dying to go!)…I have a feeling I will feel the same way. Tbh, I felt a lot like that in Greece! Love how much you packed into 8 hours, that’s seriously impressive! As if I hadn’t wanted to visit Italy enough, I will now def be adding Capri to the list! Great post <3

  4. Wow! Sounds like you guys did an awful lot in 8 hours! Way to go!! It sounds like it was a fruitful day (LOL, sorry, couldn’t help myself after reading about the limoncello!) Sorry to hear about the snootiness at Armani but other than that it sounds like an awesome day out exploring. (We’d most definitely be turned away too, if it makes you feel any better! Haha)
    I love visiting churches wherever we go. Not that I’m religious but the architecture and grandeur and art just fills my heart. The Church of San Michele sounds like it’s definitely worth a stop!
    Thanks for sharing – I can’t wait to explore more of Italy in the future – Capri and especially Anacapri are on the list!

    1. It was a beautiful day and the church was definitely a special visit because it was not planned at all. The inside of it really took me by surprise, the art was definitely unexpected.

  5. Me. I love Italy too. I spent three days in Capri years ago, but seemed to do less than you did in an afternoon. Hmmmm. I didn’t much care for the shops in carpri town either, but the lemons were amazing. There was some great walking to be done throughout the island and I spent my time at that, sampling the most amazing views. Capri still feels like something unfinished to me, and I would definitely return.

    1. I would have loved to have spent more time walking around. There were plenty of other things I did not get to see or do. Hopefully in the future we will return and explore more of it. However, this was simply a day trip as we were on a cruise and we left feeling pretty satisfied with our 8 hours there. So anyone who would love to do a day trip to Capri can see that it is possible to get a taste of what Capri has to offer in a limited time. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! The lemons are amazing and the views were definitely out of this world.

  6. Oh Italy, how I long to revisit this gorgeous place again! Back when I was 14 we took a family Mediterranean cruise and I just can’t help but I took the whole thing for granted! As a grumpy teenager I didn’t want to be dragged around Italy, I would’ve rather stayed in the pool on the ship! – let’s hope my own children don’t get teenagitis so badly 😉

    I have never been to Capri but I kinda feel like I have after reading this post! You capture it so beautifully with your words and photographs- my mouth is literally watering at the thought of baked goods and PIZZA!

    When we make it to Italy (Dave is desperate to go!) I’ll be sure to bring myself back to this post!

    One thing that caught my attention though?! Lemoncillo for sickness?! I get all kinds of sick on transport- boast, cars, trains you name it without tablets I’m puking! Could lemoncillo be my saving grace?!

    1. I think when we’re younger, we don’t really understand what it is to have the privilege to travel. Plus, those cruise ships have so many fun activities that it really is tempting for a kid to just stay behind. Probably designed for the parents in mind, haha. Leave the kids on the ship, while the parents go out to play and explore.

      I hope you get to go to Italy soon! The food alone is enough of a reason to visit. Once you have pasta and pizza in Italy, you’re spoiled and it will be difficult to find good Italian elsewhere. I know, I have such a hard time finding great Italian without paying through the nose for it. Don’t get me started on Pizza! I already miss Italy. Need to go back!

      Haha, that is Christine’s anecdote for sea sickness. She says it works! Might as well try it out. 😉