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Heading on a cruise? Don’t forget cruise luggage tags!

Cruise luggage tags are a must and are provided by the cruise line. They come with your name, cabin number, and where you’ll be on the ship (AFT, FWD, or MID). They’re color-coded and often have a space for your address.

In the old days, cruise tags were mailed to you. With technology, you can print them at home or buy tag holders for that extra touch. They might mail them out weeks ahead if you’re in a suite or on a luxury cruise.

Mainstream cruise lines often have you print tags at home, included in your e-docs at check-in. Some, like Disney Cruise Lines, send them about two weeks before your sail date.

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Planning a cruise? Learn about cruise luggage tags and how to attach them, with or without tag holders.

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In this article, we’ll review frequently asked questions, how to print and attach them, and the most popular cruise luggage tag holders on the market so you can choose what works best for you!

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8 Luggage Tag Holders for Cruises

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Our suitcases are ready with luggage tags in our hotel room for embarkation.

If you must print your cruise luggage tags before your cruise, you may want to invest in luggage tag holders. The idea of stapling a piece of paper to your suitcase handle may make you uneasy as it is not the most solid way to attach your cruise luggage tags.

We recommend the following luggage tag for the following cruise lines:

All the tag holders below come with a waterproof sleeve to slip your at-home printed cruise luggage tags. The stainless steel metal rings attach easily to your luggage handle.

If you’re an avid cruiser with a particular cruise line, consider the cruise luggage tag holders a small investment.

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The luggage was delivered to our cabin. See the cruise luggage tags attached to the handles.

1. Luggage Tags for NCL Cruise

Unless you’re cruising the Haven, you must print your tags at home and attach them to your luggage. We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed for NCL luggage tags.

We purchased these recently before sailing on the Norwegian. They worked as advertised. Now, we are saving them for our next NCL cruise.

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2. Luggage Tags for Carnival Cruise Line

You will need to print your tags for a Carnival cruise. We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed specifically for Carnival luggage tags.

3. Luggage Tags for Royal Caribbean

You will need to print your tags for a Royal Caribbean cruise. We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed specifically for Royal Caribbean luggage tags.

4. Luggage Tags for Princess Cruises

You will need to print your tags for Princess cruises. We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed specifically for Princess luggage tags.

5. Luggage Tags for Holland America

You will need to print your tags for a Holland America cruise. We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed specifically for Holland America luggage tags.

6. Luggage Tags for MSC Cruise

You will need to print your tags for an MSC cruise. We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed specifically for MSC luggage tags.

7. Luggage Tags for Celebrity Cruise

In the past, Celebrity has mailed luggage tags to us before our sail date on the Celebrity Equinox. However, this has changed; you may need to print your tags for a Celebrity cruise.

We recommend these clear plastic luggage tag holders designed specifically for Celebrity luggage tags. We recently ordered and used them for the first time for our most recent Celebrity Solstice cruise without any issues. Now we have them for future cruises with Celebrity.

8. Compatible With Most Cruise Lines

These one-size-fits-most tags are mostly compatible with most cruise lines.

No Luggage Tag Holders? Here are a few creative tips for attaching your printed luggage tags without luggage tag holders:

1. You can print them on cardstock paper instead of regular paper. This way, the tags are slightly sturdier when you fold them on the sides and staple them to your suitcase handle.

2. laminate the tags at home or your nearby office supply store. Punch a hole at the top, then use a plastic zip tie to secure it to your luggage tag.

3. Print them out, whether on cardstock or regular paper (I prefer cardstock), and cut them to size into a long strip. Then, use clear packaging tape on the front and back to make your own laminated tag at home. Once this is done, loop it around your luggage handle and staple it on the sides. This is how we did it many times before purchasing luggage tags.

Cruise Luggage Tags FAQs

Do you need cruise luggage tags?

If you’re sailing on a cruise, the answer is yes. All cruisers must-have luggage tags to board the cruise ship on embarkation day. The cruise lines must know where to drop your luggage off after you have dropped it off with a porter at the port before going through security.

What happens if you have to print the cruise luggage tags at home?

If you have to print your own cruise luggage tags at home, don’t worry, it’s easy! The cruise line will send you an email when your e-docs are ready. You will sign in to your account, look for your e-docs and click where it says “print cruise luggage tags.” A PDF will download, and you can print the cruise luggage tags home.

Where should I attach my cruise luggage tag?

You should put the cruise luggage tag on the top handle of your suitcase. If you have a hardshell case, it’s best to put it on the side or front handle.

How do you attach cruise luggage tags?

You must attach the cruise luggage tags to your carry-on and checked bags. If you’re printing them, you’ll need to attach them by looping the printed luggage tag for your cruise through your suitcase handle and stapling it on the sides unless you purchase a cruise luggage tag holder suggested below in this article.

If the cruise line provides adhesive strips as luggage tags, you will also loop them onto the main handle of your suitcase and attach the adhesive strip.

Do cruise luggage tags have to be printed in color?

If you’re printing your cruise luggage tags at home, it should be printed in color. Black and white printed cruise tags may make it more difficult for the cruise line to organize and deliver your luggage to your cabin.

What happens if you don’t own a printer?

If you don’t have a printer at home, you can try to print the cruise luggage tags at a local print shop or office supply store. You can also wait to get to the port to request them. However, if you are staying at a hotel the night before your cruise, you can ask the front desk to print it for you, or they’ll have a guest computer and printer for you to use.

Should you purchase cruise luggage tag holders?

It’s not required, but we think it makes it easier. You don’t have to worry about ruined or lost cruise luggage tags.

Can I get luggage tags at the port?

You can get luggage tags at the port, but it may or may not add to your check-in process. The lines for luggage check-in and tags sometimes can be quite long depending on the cruise port / terminal. You can also find a porter, tip them and they’ll take care of providing a luggage tag for you.

Whether you use cruise luggage tag holders or get creative by stapling them to your luggage’s handle, be sure you have everything you need before heading out on your cruise vacation.

These 8 luggage tags for cruises should cover most major cruise lines. If not, check with your specific cruise line for their requirements.

What creative ways do you attach your cruise luggage tags? Let us know in the comments!

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