Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady XL Sea Terrace 12322A Review

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We stayed in XL Sea Terrace Cabin 12322A on the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady on a 5-night cruise. This cabin is on deck 12 forward, portside, and features their infamous hammock. Here is our review.

When you book a cruise with Virgin, the cabins are automatically assigned to you unless you book with a First Mate (cruise agent) who can choose the cabin location. Initially, we were assigned to a cabin with no hammock but an egg patio chair. When we found out, we called Virgin’s service team, and they quickly moved us to a cabin with a hammock.

The cabin turned out to be comfortable, sofabed and all. While we appreciated the bigger bathroom and overall more space in the room, Virgin can do a few things better on their future Lady Ships.

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What is the XL Sea Terrace on Virgin Voyages?

The XL Sea Terrace on Virgin Voyages is a larger cabin with 30% more living space than their standard Sea Terrace cabins.

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Our Experience Staying in the XL Sea Terrace Cabin 12322A on Scarlet Lady


One of the best parts about cruising on Virgin is that your cabin is ready upon boarding unless otherwise told differently. You can go straight to your cabin to drop off your things and check out where you’ll stay for your cruise vacation.

When we first entered the cabin, we were wowed by the curtains magically opening to reveal a clean and vibrant space. In the distance, the hammock caught our eye, adding to the thrill of embarkation day. Virgin knows how to build excitement. Often, it’s all about the first impressions, and we were instantly delighted. We then began to explore.

The Bathroom is Spacious But No Door

You may wonder what makes the XL cabin different from their standard Sea Terrace cabins. Generally, they are more spacious, about 30% more. The biggest difference is the bathroom. There is a long vanity, sink, and mirror that could accommodate a few people getting ready in front of it – but I wouldn’t recommend more than two sailors in one of these cabins. However, there is not enough storage space. Tip: Bring a hanging toiletry organizer.

The toilet and shower are behind separate doors for privacy. If you’re tall, you will appreciate the shower. The rain shower was amazing. Usually, we are not fans, but we loved the rain shower in this cabin.

One drawback of the bathroom is the absence of a door or curtain at its entrance, so keep that in mind as you decide who to share the cabin with. We travel as a married couple, so I am overjoyed when the toilet is behind a door.

The Main Cabin and Living Area is Minimalistic

Stepping into the cabin, we were greeted by a sense of space that was immediately welcoming, but it reminded us of an Ikea showroom. We quickly noticed minimal seating arrangements, with just an ottoman to the side. This ottoman typically serves a dual purpose—it extends the bed when configured for separate sleeping arrangements.

Despite our initial reservations about the sofa that was converted into a bed, it was surprisingly comfortable. I found myself sleeping like a baby. Our luggage slid easily underneath the bed, clearing the living area and reducing clutter.

The closet was sufficiently roomy to accommodate clothing for two, yet the cabin as a whole could benefit from more storage. The desk and vanity area, in particular, lacked ample space for personal items. While this setup was just right for a short cruise, a longer voyage would have us longing for additional storage options.

We also enjoyed the convenience of the side tables flanking the bed, providing a handy spot for our essentials. However, only one was adjustable, and it had the flexibility to move around.

The tablet was a highlight of the cabin experience—it stood out as a favorite feature. We could adjust the cabin’s environment easily—tweaking the lights and the air conditioning or choosing a movie from the complimentary selection. The tablet was also a central hub for requesting more water, towels, and even Ship Eats (room service).

The cabin has enough US electrical and USB-A ports on each side of the bed and the desk. No USB-C ports.

The Balcony Was a Nice Size

The balcony was a nice size. It comes with metal chairs, which also reminds me of Ikea. The best part of the sea terrace is the red hammock, which Virgin is known for. The hammock was super comfortable and bolted in, so you’re not going anywhere while resting in it. If it were up to me, all cruise ships would have hammocks on their balconies.

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Quick Summary of Pros and Cons of 12322A on Scarlet Lady


  • Proximity to the forward elevators and stairs was convenient.
  • The spacious cabin’s bathroom has a sizeable rain shower—ideal for tall individuals.
  • The sofabed mattress provided unexpected comfort.
  • A tablet conveniently controls cabin features and allows for easy service ordering.
  • The area was peaceful, with no disturbances during the night.
  • Complimentary movies are a nice touch.
  • Daily replenishment of both still and sparkling water was appreciated.
  • The main cabin area has 4 US electrical ports and 6 USB-A ports.


  • The decor was very Ikea and not quite in line with the ship’s overall aesthetic.
  • While the mattress was comfortable, we wished it was a bed, not a sofa.
  • Storage space was adequate for a brief trip and could be limiting for longer stays.
  • Seating options were limited to only an ottoman.
  • Signs of wear and tear were noticeable in the cabin.

Despite these points, the positives outweigh the negatives, and we’d choose this cabin for future voyages in a heartbeat. In fact, we booked an XL cabin again for a future cruise on another Lady Ship.


Does XL Sea Terrace Cabin 12322A on Scarlet Lady have a hammock?

Yes, cabin 12322A on Scarlet Lady has a hammock.

As mentioned, some XL cabins do not have hammocks but chairs. Due to the ship’s structure and location, hammocks are replaced with egg chairs for security reasons. You’ll also find that instead of a glass panel, there is a metal one. Tip: Always research your cabin # on YouTube or Google to see if you can find photos or videos of the cabin. 

Is it XL Sea Terrace worth the extra space?

The bigger bathroom in the XL Sea Terrace was worth the extra space for us. It will depend on who you’re sharing the cabin with. The separate shower and toilet area with the frosted doors will make a difference when getting ready.



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