13 Smart Tips for a Smooth Cruise Disembarkation Day

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Cruise disembarkation day is that inevitable moment when our cruise vacation turns into a pumpkin, and we have to leave our floating castle behind. It’s the day we transition from being pampered at sea to facing the reality of packing our bags and stepping back onto dry land.

We often overlook this phase during our excitement of planning, but it’s the unavoidable conclusion of the cruise vacation. Unlike the buzz of embarkation day, disembarkation is more about logistics—leaving the ship, navigating customs, and organizing onward travel. The goal is a hassle-free departure, ensuring we end on a high note.

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Cruise disembarkation day is the day the cruise vacation is over. There is no need to stress; with our tips, you can plan a smooth disembarkation day.

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This article covers smooth disembarkation day tips, including important don’ts before leaving the ship and advice for those with late flights.

Disembarkation Process on a Cruise Ship Explained

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Disembarkation day on a cruise ship marks when passengers bid farewell to their floating home and navigate their way off the ship.

  • Group Organization: Disembarkation day on a cruise ship begins with passengers being organized into groups. This is done to streamline the flow of people leaving the ship. You will be assigned a specific time to disembark based on your travel plans or preferences. Color-coded luggage tags are provided to match you with your group and will be left in your cabin 1-2 days before or are available from designated areas like the guest services desk (NCL).
  • Preparing for Disembarkation: If you’re not opting for self-disembarkation, remember to pack and leave your luggage outside your cabin before midnight (typically, unless said otherwise) on the last night. This guarantees your luggage is taken care of while you prepare to leave the ship.
  • Disembarkation Commences: The process typically starts around 7:30 am. Priority is given to guests who have chosen self-disembarkation or those with cruise-arranged airport transfers. Following this, passengers are called to disembark according to their color-coded groups that match the luggage tags.
  • Leaving the Ship: As your group is called, you will leave the ship, pass through security checks, and then proceed through immigration. After clearing immigration, you will collect any checked luggage from the baggage claim area.
  • A Memorable Conclusion: Disembarkation day often starts early, but the reward can be a beautiful sunrise or a peaceful view of the city skyline as the ship docks at its final port. 
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Waking up early on disembarkation day has its perks. As the cruise ship pulls into its home port, you can witness gorgeous sunrises and city skylines.

Cruise Disembarkation Day Tips

1. Plan Return Flights with Buffer Time

Schedule your return flights for noon or later to accommodate potential delays in disembarkation and customs processing. This precaution ensures you’re not hurriedly navigating the airport to catch your flight.

2. Secure Your Luggage Tags

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NCL Luggage Tags.

If you are not doing self-disembarkation, ensure you have the correct color-coded luggage tags from the guest services before debarkation day. These tags designate your assigned departure time and group, helping to streamline the process. Some cruise lines will leave these in your cabin 1-2 nights before.

3. Prep the Night Before

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Whether you’re walking off your luggage or setting it outside your cabin door at midnight, pack and prepare the day or the night before. A few extra minutes of sleep in the morning or the extra time to have breakfast will be more appreciated than rushing around the cabin tossing things into your bag at the last minute.

Reminder: Luggages must go outside your cabin door before midnight, if you plan to collect it in the cruise terminal when yo disembark.

4. Opt Self-Disembarkation for Flexibility

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Sometimes, there are lines for self-disembarkation if you want to be one of the first off the ship. They move fast. You can also take your time with breakfast and self-disembark when ready.

Self-disembarkation is when you decide to keep your luggage and handle your belongings. Choosing self-disembarkation allows you to leave the ship as early as possible with your own luggage in hand. This option is perfect for travelers who want to beat the crowds or have tight schedules post-cruise.

5. Monitor Your Onboard Account Throughout The Cruise


Check your onboard account throughout the cruise to address any discrepancies early. This proactive approach prevents last-minute disputes and delays on disembarkation day. Plus, you want to do everything possible to avoid those long lines on that last morning and even last night.

6. Gift Last Minute Tips and/or Submit Comment Cards

On the last full day of your cruise, take the time to gift your cabin attendant or any other crew member you may think of who deserves an extra tip. Of course, additional gratuities are optional and up to your discretion.

If someone has provided amazing service, the least you can do is submit a commendation or hero card at guest services. These commendations go a long way for the crew to help them promote and receive other incentives. 

7. Conduct a Final Cabin Sweep

Before leaving, double-check every part of your cabin—drawers, closets, under the bed—for any items you might leave behind. It’s easy to overlook personal belongings in the rush of disembarkation.

8. Avoid Making Purchases the Morning Of

Your balance was charged and closed out on the morning of disembarkation. It’s important to be mindful of any additional purchases or charges on the morning of disembarkation. Any extra costs incurred outside your cruise fare or packages before getting off the ship must be settled before disembarkation. Failure to do so may result in delays, as you will be pulled aside to make that final payment.

9. Keep Your Cruise Card Handy


Your cruise card is necessary for exiting the ship and serves as a memento of your journey. Keep it accessible until you disembark.

10. Be Prepared for Customs

Have all necessary identification and completed forms ready for customs to facilitate a smooth transition through the terminal. It all depends on where you’re returning from and the disembarkation port. Sometimes, it’s an easy walk-off without any delays at customs.

11. Priority Disembarkaton

Some cruise lines offer priority embarkation and disembarkation before the cruise at an extra cost (for example, Norwegian’s Priority Access)– an option you can consider buying before your cruise. Priority disembarkation can also be included with your suite stay or as a loyalty perk. Every cruise line will handle this slightly differently, from providing special priority luggage tags that have you disembark within the first group, or they could escort you off the ship.

12. Maximizing Convenience with Cruise Line’s Airport Transfers

After securing your flights, consider booking an airport transfer directly through your cruise line. This approach ensures seamless coordination with the cruise’s disembarkation schedule, offering you a designated meeting time and place onboard for an organized exit. You’ll be among the first groups escorted off, with a transfer ready to take you to the airport.

13. Utilize Luggage Valet Services for Ease

Luggage valet services can streamline your disembarkation by handling your check-in and luggage directly to the airport. This service allows you to enjoy your last day without your luggage burden. Not all ports have this service, but when they do, it is worth looking into. I know Seattle Cruise Port has this service for FREE.

Disembarkation Day Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to keep toiletries and a change of clothes you’ll need for the morning of disembarkation if you’re handing in your luggage the night before, 
  • Do NOT pack your cruise card or passport in your luggage. This is super important.
  • Avoid sleeping in, or your cabin attendant will knock on your door at 8 a.m. They must prepare the cabin for the next set of passengers embarking later that morning. Unless you’re cruising Virgin Voyages, they let you sleep in.
  • Don’t delay. Be packed and ready to leave your cabin no later than 8 am.
  • Don’t miss one last breakfast if you have the time; it is included in your cruise fare. Breakfast is available on debarkation day in the main dining room, buffet, and sometimes other eateries; check the dailies.

What to Do Post-Cruise With Late Night Departure


What should you do if your flight leaves too late on disembarkation day? Sometimes, we have no option but to book a later flight. Leaving us with several hours between disembarkation and our flight time. Here are some options on how to spend your time as you wait.

Explore Post-Cruise City Tours With The Cruise Line

If your flight departs later in the day, a city tour can provide a delightful bridge between your cruise and flight, offering new experiences and hassle-free luggage handling.

You can book your own tours, but remember that you’ll have to store your luggage beforehand.

Rent a Car for a Partial Day

For those with late flights, rent a car that can be picked up near the port and then dropped off at the airport. This allows you to explore the port city at your own pace, gives your luggage a place to be, and allows you to drive yourself to the airport. Find a car on rentalcars.com.

Pro tip: Get a car with a covered trunk that closes to secure your luggage.

Book a Day Use Hotel

Many hotels allow you to book a room for day use, which includes access to their facilities, such as the pool. We use Dayuse.com.

Book a Resort Pass For the Day

Continue your vacation by booking a resort pass at a nearby hotel and spend the day lounging by the pool in a lounger or cabana.

Take Advantage of Lounges at the Airport

If you cannot access airport lounges through a travel credit card like a Priority Pass, a day pass to an airport lounge may be worth it. These lounges are comfortable places to relax while you wait for your flight, and they can include Wi-Fi, drinks, food, and sometimes even sleep pods and showers.

Secure Your Luggage in a Locker and Go Explore

You can leave your luggage safely in luggage storage and explore independently. Find a luggage locker nearby location via Luggage Hero, Bounce, or do a quick Google search.

What is disembarkation day?

Disembarkation day is the last day of the cruise vacation, and the day we leave the ship.

What is cruise ship disembarkation time?

Cruise ship disembarkation times can vary depending on the cruise line and itinerary. Self-disembarkation can start as early as 7:00 a.m.

Can you eat on disembarkation day?

Yes, you can have breakfast before you disembark the ship if you give yourself enough time.

How long does it take to disembark a cruise ship?

The time it takes to disembark a cruise ship can vary depending on the size of the ship, the number of passengers, and the disembarkation process at the port. Generally, it can take a few hours for all passengers to disembark, as they are typically called in groups or based on their disembarkation arrangements.


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  1. Don’t book a flight at any time on the day of disembarkation. Stay at least overnight and longer if it is an interesting destination. Hugely reduces stress on the day of leaving the ship.
    If you need a taxi from the ship to your hotel or the train station book it in advance.

    1. Hi David – Staying at the port destination or moving along to explore another destination nearby is a great tip for those that can afford the time. We almost always try to stay longer before or after a cruise, if possible. Why not extend the vacation? Plus it is less stress free trying to get to the airport like you say.

      However, sometimes work schedules or other responsibilities don’t allow us to do so. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this for every cruise they take. Hopefully some of these tips can help people plan for disembarkation day, whether they are going to the airport or heading to their next destination.