To Niche Down or Not: Why the F**k Can’t I Write About Life?


The past 6 months I’ve been thinking about writing some lifestyle posts. The kind of posts that lets me spill out all the deets about, you know… LIFE. Because let’s be real, I’m not traveling 365 days a year and there is more to Kathy’s World than just vacations. So, tell me again, why the f**k can’t I write about life? As a blogger, do I niche down or not?

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You Have to Niche Down

Over and over again I’ve been told or I’ve read, “You have to niche down.” Have you heard the same? It’s kind of infuriating, especially because it sounds so restricting. I personally don’t like to be cornered and stuffed in a small box.

All I could think was, why the f**k can’t I write about life?

If you put all annoyance aside and really think about it, you realize there is truth to this. You don’t want to start a blog without knowing why, what and who?

Why, What and Who?

Why do you want to blog?

What are you going to write about?

Who are you writing to?

These are all valid questions that are going to help you find a niche. You don’t want a blog that is all over the place one moment sharing your favorite recipe and then next day you’re speaking about home decor. What is the core focus of your blog?

Mine is travel. I write about our vacation time and provide food, cruise and travel tips. Still, though, it’s still too much of a general topic. I should niche down and find a niche within the travel niche I can serve. Yet, I don’t want to. However, I know that if I at least keep it all related to travel that is good enough for now. I know who I want to serve, it’s the reader that dreams of taking those vacation days from work to go somewhere new and yet never pushes the button to book that trip.

If you know a specific audience you can serve, focus on that. Write quality posts that will serve that audience because this is how you’re going to grow.

Don’t blog about your favorite recipe today and then tomorrow jump to home decor. New readers will be confused upon visiting your blog wondering what is the point of your site. That’s not what you want. You want to build a solid relationship with your readers and gain their trust. They’ll continue returning because they can count on you for that specific topic.

It’s best to stay consistent. Remember your why. Why did you want to start a blog in the first place? What difference are you trying to make? How do you plan to help those readers out there that don’t know yet that they need to read your blog? This is how you’re going to gain your readers’ trust and form a solid relationship with them. They’ll keep coming back because they know they can count on you on that specific topic.

To Niche Down or Not

So if you’re reading this and you are just starting a blog, you should focus on your niche.

  • Remember your why. Why did you start your blog?
  • Become the master of your niche.
  • Be consistent. Show up for your readers.
  • Earn their trust.
  • Don’t give up.

A Love and Hate Affair with Instagram

Cause you know you love and you hate it. Read some survival tips on how to survive Instagram.

More than just a travel blog

Now I will continue to contradict myself and inform you that after years of travel blogging, I plan to dabble outside of my niche. Yup, I’m following the opposite path and plan not to niche down. I’m going to rebel. I’m going to take Tasty Itinerary and explore new topics outside of travel.

They say (other bloggers out there) that once you reach a certain level of success and have a core audience that you can branch out. Have I reached it? No. Am I growing every day? Yes. Right now, I’m just doing what I want because sometimes rules are meant to be broken. At the end of the day, I’ll take the advice I think makes sense for me and ignore others. Of course, you should always use your common sense.

I am still organizing my site in a way that keeps travel the main focal point. You will always reach my homepage and see everything travel related.

I created Kathy’s World, where you’ll find everything that doesn’t belong under the travel category. It’s nice not to feel so restricted and to have conversations about other topics outside of travel. Think of Kathy’s World as a side hustle. ?

Who is Tasty Itinerary?

In case you’re wondering

  • I’m Kathy, the person behind this blog and I’m not on a plane every day traveling to a new destination. That’s just the truth.
  • Every now and then I get the inspiration to write something completely out of the norm or at least what you would normally not see on the Tasty Itinerary blog.
  • My job, the one that actually pays me, keeps me busy 4 days a week.
  • Amazon and Target keep taking my money. I mean, I volunteer it but still, it’s a problem.
  • I eat out more than I cook. When I’m home and hubby is working, I like to pull out my favorite cookbook to prepare dinner. Sometimes I’ll cook an old family favorite. I bet you’re wondering, what is your favorite cookbook? If you’re curious, I’m sort of obsessed with this one recently.
  • I believe in being authentic, practicing self-love and faith.
  • I love to watch TV. Hello! Did you finish watching the last season of the Handmaid’s Tale? Let’s discuss!
  • I loved baked goods way too much. I can’t resist chocolate chip cookies. Don’t you dare put one in front of me! Oh, who am I kidding?! Bring them on!
  • Lattes are my jam! An extra shot of espresso, please! How do you like your coffee?
  • I love warm Spring and Summer days.
  • Did you know I make dog food for my furbabies every week? Yes, I’m that kind of dog mom.
  • I also think life is too short to live without the things we love like cupcakes, lattes, pizza, and chocolate chip cookies. Yup, the 4 major food groups. What are your 4 major food groups?
Life is too short to live without the things we love •

You’ll now find a lifestyle section of my site with topics outside of travel and blogging resources.

Why Don’t I Just Create Another Site?

That’s a smart idea, why didn’t I think of that??

I thought about it. It would make sense for me to start another blog, but I really don’t care to run a full lifestyle blog and I’m not planning to post every week or even every other week. I don’t even know what I’m posting to Kathy’s World next?

I’m taking suggestions below! And, I do not have the time to keep up with a 2nd blog site. Maybe in the future, if these unrelated travel posts do well, I will consider it.

For now, I’ll stick to building this blog. I just want a little space to blog about other fun things in life or maybe even serious stuff. Who knows?! That’s the amazing part of life, it’s like a funhouse, you just never know what surprises are in store.

When I created this blog, it started from a path of self-care. It was something I needed to do for myself and it has grown into so much more. Now it’s become more than just where I come to share my travels, it’s a spot that holds inspiration for others to plan their Tasty Itineraries. Some may not agree, but I think it’s okay for the blog to grow in other directions.

And perhaps, we’ll find something else in common outside of travel. Let’s have conversations about all things.

Am I a Travel Blogger or Blogger?

I never actually officially call myself a travel blogger. I’m not going to lie, there was a short time that’s what my bio said and then I changed it to blogger. I write about travel. Because from early on I thought, why should I be cornered into a specific niche? But I guess, if you put two and two together, I’m a travel blogger.

This is something I struggled with for some time and I’m just finally saying, screw what everyone else is doing. Really, at the end of the day, who the f**k cares? I’m blogging, sharing what I know, and hopefully serving you in some way, shape, or form.

Maybe sharing my perspective will help another blogger struggling whether they should niche down or not, figure out the path they want to take.

That said, the main focus of the blog: food, cruise, and travel. That’s front-page news! Always. My goal has always been to inspire people to take that vacation and travel. To go venture out to beautiful new places and eat amazing food. I won’t give up telling you about our wonderful adventures.

My love is to travel. I countdown to the days to my vacation time. Always planning where hubby and I are off to next. It’s my goal to help you do the same. I just don’t believe I have to niche down to accomplish that.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to niche down or not? Or are you asking yourself the same question, “why can’t I write about life?

Will you be following Kathy’s World? Is there anything you’d like me to write about? Let me know in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “To Niche Down or Not: Why the F**k Can’t I Write About Life?”

  1. I loved reading your thoughts on this topic! As an avid blog reader AND blogger, I’m firmly in the camp that throwing in an unrelated post every once in a while is fantastic. I’m more drawn to those bloggers that share personal details. Plus I like to mix in travel posts based on vacations we take even though that has nothing to do with books ?

    • I love to hear that! And I feel the same way! I want to read about it all, especially if I really like the blogger. It’s also nice to throw off their readers every once and a while, keep them on their toes. ?

  2. Haha; I love this post! I want to write about whatever the F* I want, when I want.

    I definitely think for those bigger bloggers, when you make it, you can pretty much do and write whatever the F* you want with little fallback. Modern Mrs. Darcy is kind of my book blogging hero: she writes mostly about books, but she throws in lifestyle and everything else on occasion. Her last newsletter just covered fall clothes. She’s a goddess and can definitely do that. Her followers sincerely want to know all about her life. I know we can all jump the straight line once our readers get to know us too. They come to our blogs for us–and because like you say, we provide value. It’s all about freely and sincerely providing value to make others’ lives better and let people connect and grow.

    You’ve been on the block for a while. You do you, girl. I, for one, am ready for Kathy’s World because you are fun and hilarious. Plus, you changed my curly-haired life. TELL ME ALL. You are the keeper of lifestyle secrets. Um, did I know that you made your own dog food?! That’s awesome. I think this will be a hit for you. There is more to us all than just travel blogging. Plus, I think a ton of people are getting sick of the generic travel bloggers making listicles with NO personality and nothing new.

    I debated all of this with my second site. You know; we chatted. Do I have the time to start a 2nd VERY niche travel site or do I just add it to my current one? Then, I lost my mind and just did it, even though one site would have been easier for my time and sanity.

    But like you mention, I didn’t want to confuse my readers either. I’m still refining TUL. It’s already hard enough being a double niche site that also gives blogging advice on the sly without adding in a very location-specific, off-topic section. I think about how that would jive with newsletters, especially. No one cares about travel, blogging, or booze in TUL newsletters unless it’s 200% book-related.

    I also see very different monetization plans for each of my particular areas (I might do itineraries or an ebook for the new gig). However, I think you can monetize Tasty basically the same with lifestyle; people LOVE your shopping/packing/what to bring guides.

    (Sorry if some of this sounds a little vague–I don’t want to self-promote any of my actual stuff/sites on your blog post lol.)

    Bringing personality to the blogger in this digital nomad age is so important. Go you!

    • I appreciate your comment so much! Yes, thos big bloggers really do write about everything. It definitely works for them as readers at this point come onto the site to read about them and not just their niche. We had a lot of nosy people in this world – yup, totally guilty!

      I haven’t heard of Mrs. Modern Darcy, so I’ll have to check her out. I am definitely not as big or even close to big as you are or Mrs. Darcy, but I am ready to branch out. Write about other things that have nothing to do with travel. Hopefully, I’ll gain some different readers from it.

      I love that you find me hilarious ?.

      You know I don’t share a lot about personal stuff for many reasons. So I will have my boundaries but I have no problem sharing my dog food recipe lol. Speaking of generic travel bloggers, I really don’t want to be one of those travel bloggers writing lists that you can find on Lonely Planet. I just wish to share my experiences with some tips and advice. So yeah, I can see why people are growing tired of the same old. I also don’t think I can make money as a travel blogger just selling tours. I don’t see myself going on press trips, but you never know.

      I LOVE that you started your 2nd site for many reasons. You’re going to create a whole other world around that Asheville site and take it to different places that have nothing to do with TUL. I can totally see it. Plus you’re home and can actually take some time to really dedicate to it and do it right. TUL also has changed so much since you first started. You have niched down and found what you’re really passionate about.

      Can’t wait for your itineraries and ebook! Promote all you want. At least you come on here and actually read my stuff lol

      Yeah, I plan to see how I can monetize Tasty more towards lifestyle. I still have to work out the kinks but that’s the plan. I also genuinely just want to talk about other things that are on the mind and relate to readers.

      Thanks so much for your support and for saying to me during our chat that this would be a great blog post.

  3. This is awesome. I’m just enjoying the journey of it all. I started with a (somewhat) niche in mind and I’ve just gone with how I truly feel since then. It’s been great not stressing over what exactly to do. You make some excellent points on doing both – sticking with a niche and branching out.
    Be who you are and the rest will come easy.
    Awesome post!

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate you saying that. I was so nervous about posting this, but then I realize, I just have to do what’s best for me. As you said, be who I am and the rest will come. That’s all that I’m planning to do.

  4. I DO want to talk about Handmaids Tale! I agree with you, sometimes I feel like I should get more personal on Instagram or write about things that are still travel-related, but outside of my spooky niche (which by the way, I say niche like you!)

    I say write about yourself! You do this blog for you, too! I know that travel blogs are generally about helping others but get personal! Rebel! The happiness that writing about what you want, when you want is worth it! Way better than playing by the blogging rules!

    • I think it’s okay to mix up some personal stuff. It helps me as a reader connect with you. Of course, only share what you’re comfortable with. Start with the some witch hunt facts and then segue into something a little personal and close up with some facts. Ha. I mean there is always a way. Btw, I listened to your latest podcast this morning, loved it! History is not my forte, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the Outland connection.

      Back to the topic on hand… I can’t wait to write about other things that interest me. We shall see what my next Kathy’s World blog posts will be about. So much travel content waiting for me to posts that it may be a bit, but you never know!

  5. I’ve always been anti-niche to a certain extent. Sure, I write about travel, but that’s as niche as I want to be!

    I’m looking forward to Kathy’s World. I have a musing section on my blog where I write whatever I want and I find those sort of posts are usually the most fun to create.

    • When I first started my blog, it was supposed to be way more of a casual place to speak about my travels. I thought I’d be able to just blog about anything. Then I started to really be part of the blogging world and realizing, oh I need to really claim a niche. So I stuck to travel. For a while though, I’ve been saying to myself, why am I following everyone? I’ve always just done my own thing. That’s what I’m gonna do. Screw the rules. However, I do see the importance of having some sort of niche, so I’m not going to completely disregard that.

      I have to check out your musings section. I love talking about travel, but whenever I do posts like these that aren’t related, they are definitely the most fun.

  6. I think niche is smart. I have a lifestyle blog and it is hard to gain a steady following and even a social media posse because there is not one topic like travel or books to really around. So it’s a little lonely out here:) There is power in writing whatever, whenever, but the group atmosphere is just lacking. Whatever you write, I will certainly read!

    • Yes, I agree. Having a niche is smart. Even as a lifestyle blogger, there has to be one topic that is more prevalent the others in order to get noticed. I do believe there is an audience out there for everyone, we just have to find that audience.

      I appreciate you so much! Thank you for always reading my posts. Also, the kick in the butt you gave me the other day was much needed. Hugs.

  7. I totally feel this! When you are passionate about so many things you kind of want to write about them all!

    Sticking to a niche is definitely important starting out. I am very interested in Kathy’s World! I think it definitely serves your audience since you don’t travel 24/7. What do you do with the rest of your time? The world needs to know! At lease I do!

    I really loved reading the You Are a Badass books. I actually started my blog after I read the first one!

    Can’t wait to read more about your lifestyle!

    • Omg, I also started my blog right after reading the first one. That book is so motivating. I really loved it. I reread it recently and then read the money one for the first time.

      Yeah, while at the moment I have a ton of travel content to keep me busy, I can’t wait to start writing for Kathy’s World. Even if it is once a month. I’ve noticed readers have been asking me more questions about the things I do outside of travel, so I felt it was time to just start writing about other things of interest.

      Thanks so much for your support!

  8. I *love* this post so much and I am 100% on board with you. I thought about starting a second site as well, but I like having everything all in one place, and, to me, blogging is about putting *myself* out there on the internet, traveling, lawyering (or not), shopping, drinking, whatever.

    You go girl!! xx

    • Yes! I noticed that on your blog there was much more than travel and I loved it. Once I love a blogger, I love to know much more of what they love. So it’s nice to know that others out there are “rebeling” from niching down too. You keep doing you too!

  9. You do you, Kathy! I love to hear it all!! Plus, I found out about my now-favorite jeans because of an Instagram tip from a home decor account, so it’s ALL good!

    • Ohhh, what are these favorite jeans? I really need to find new jeans.

      There is a food blogger I love and I’ve found a few skincare products I love because of her. You just never know!

  10. I LOVE this! I think doing whatever you feel compelled to do, following that inner-guide, no matter all the how-to’s that may be out there saying it’s a no-no, is the right thing to do. I’m definitely all for it! I can’t wait for Kathy’s World. I think Kathy is awesome so can’t wait to learn more about you! I don’t have to tell you because I’m sure you know I’d be all over ANY dog post you’d want to write! Bring it on, please! Dog recipes, dogs howling, cute pictures, Maverick overcoming his obstacles- YES!!! I’d totally also love anything about food and cooking, your trees outside. Don’t you have pear trees or something? ? Also posts about your life in general, your inner strength, positivity, persevering…?

    My blogging journey has definitely been a journey of figuring out what the HELL I’m doing. I did not research a thing before starting. I just jumped in. I started just because I wanted to write and hoped it would be entertaining. Now I’m like, wait? I have to serve others? Hahahaha!!!? So I also try to make it be helpful too. Maybe one day I’ll be an expert on NYC and I also aim to get people interested in the book I read or reading in general. I hope to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and explore. When I first started my blog, my life was work, tv, eat, sleep rinse and repeat. I was like, what the hell am I living in this expensive city for if I’m going to just do that? Sooo my earlier posts I wrote about that. Anyway, so still figuring it out. But one thing I know is that I didn’t get into this to be some “brand,” and I know that may come with the territory but I think it’s okay to go with your gut instincts with what feels right. Whatever we do in life will be judged negatively by some. Every. Single. Great. Idea. Ever. Accomplished by anyone has been judged negatively by someone. So I’m with you- F**K it!!!?

    • Aw, thank you so much! You are the best!

      Now, let’s get one thing straight, YOU ARE SERVING OTHERS. You are reading books and going out there touring the places scenes from the books that may have taken place. Do you know how helpful that is to readers? I mean, yes we can use our imagination when reading but to then see the places come alive later in your blog posts it is awesome. I do think you are doing a fantastic job taking us on these tours with a side of humor. Your personality shines through and makes me smile, that’s another plus. So please do not think or say you’re not serving. You have been, you just haven’t realized it.

      I think you just need to keep doing what you’re doing while tweaking some things as you go along. Don’t ever forget why you started because if you do, it sucks all the fun and passion out of it all. We don’t want that. You should also write about what you want. I know sometimes you think you can’t, but the truth is YOU CAN.

      Keep doing what you’re doing!

  11. I’m a big Hamdmaids Tale fan too. You going to be doing a blog on it? I don’t know if i could write about myself. I Co it would be juicy, working in a hotel always is. So fair play to you and the best of luck with it.

    • Hey! I love Handmaid Tale too but I don’t think I’m going to write full blog posts about it. I was just sharing some of my interests to point out there is more to me than just travel. I may do a piece on shows I love and stuff. Who knows?

      Do you work in a hotel? You must have some great stories!

      I think the point of my blog is that we shouldn’t be afraid to write about other things outside of our niche every now and then. I won’t be getting super personal as I have my boundaries too. Either way, it’s fun to write about other interests. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to write something outside of the norm too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. To niche down or not? I think I’ve always been a rebel from the very start. Though the focus of my blog is travel, I love to write about other things too. I’m also drawn to bloggers that share their life journey.

    Oh, Kathy… I’m so looking forward to Kathy’s World! By the way, my 4 food groups are cakes, coffee, pizza, and chocolate:)

    • I love that you have always written about everything. It’s like, how do you get to know the writer if they don’t write about other things outside of their niche? There has to be another connection. You know?

      Ah, love your 4 food groups!

  13. Yes! why the heck can’t we talk about our lives between travels? I can so identify with your thoughts. And I plan on doing exactly that. We cruise twice a year but in between I have an every day life, with dogs too 🙂 and blogging problems, and a hate/love relationship with both Instagram and Pinterest. It’s not fun following the rules, we loose our creativity. I’m going to do the same. So thanks for being honest and laying it all out. 🙂

    p.s. if you figured out where we can find the ‘non-bloggers’ please share. LOL

    • It makes me so happy to see that I’m not the only one feeling the same! Like you, we take 2 big vacations a year and then we try to do things in between. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way. This past year, I didn’t do any quick trips as we had a ton of personal stuff going on that didn’t allow us to travel. As much as I love to travel, there is more to life and I would love to write about other things. I also want to connect with readers in other ways.

      Finding non-blogger readers has been so difficult. Ads through FB help and finding those hashtags that non-bloggers use. I feel like those hashtags are found by bloggers and hijacked. ? Still working on this!

      Good luck with your non-niche blog posts! Looking forward to reading.


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